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Is it hard to get back to sleep because of the abundance of sunlight entering your room as soon as the day begins? Blackout Shades (also known as blackout blinds) are what you need if you wish to continue your peaceful slumber even after daybreak. Blackout shades pose as drapes for your windows and eliminate the explosion of sunlight into your rooms. It is for this purpose that they are primarily used in bedrooms, children’s nurseries, or movie rooms. Thus, you can now control incoming natural light into your rooms through Blackout Shades.

Cosy lounge room in shades of beige
Cosy lounge room in shades of beige
Cosy lounge room in shades of beige
Cosy lounge room in shades of beige

How To Choose The Right Type Of Blackout Shades?

You no longer need multiple layers of curtains to prevent sunlight from entering your room. The ideal part about blackout shades is that they come in various materials. Thus, the material you choose directly corresponds with how much light can enter your room. For instance, if you are someone who does not wish to eliminate all the incoming light but still lower the enormity of it, you can choose a more opaque material for your blackout shades. In contrast, blackout shades made of thicker materials would be the perfect option if you do not want a single fragment of light in your room.

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Cosy lounge room in shades of beige
karen M.

I upgraded our home's old curtains with new blackout shades and what a huge difference its made in our sleep. My husband loves them and they are such as great solution for blocking out light. We went with the smart shades solutions and we really enjoy being able to control them from an app. Highly recommend!

Benefits Of Blackout Shades?

Blackout shades are the most recent window draping trends that have been garnering attention like wildfire. Be it your bedroom, your child’s nursery room, or your in-house theater; blackout shades are a wonderful choice to keep any extra light away from your rooms. You no longer have to struggle to put your child to sleep because of the excess of light in their nursery or be wary that they might wake up because of it. You can even opt for smart blackout shades that can roll up or down as per your commands, regardless of where you are in the house.

Noise Reduction

Blackout shades do not offer total eradication of noise coming from outside but depending on the material of blackout shades you choose, they can absorb the outdoor noises and reduce their wavelengths entering your rooms.

Energy Efficiency

By serving as a barrier against damaging UV rays, blackout shades help you save tons of money on your electricity. Besides, they also protect your furniture and health from the detrimental effect of UV rays.

All You Need To Know About Blackout Shades

Blackout shades are all the rage these days, but most people showing up to buy them need a clearer understanding of what blackout shades are. For starters, you need to know about the various types of blackout shades or blinds available in the markets. Each of them plays a different role concerning the amount of light they can stop from entering your interior spaces. Contact us today and book your consultation appointment to ensure you do not make a buying decision that you will regret later. Before that, the FAQs below will provide you with some of the answers you may be looking for.

Regardless of the thickness of the material you choose for your blackout shades, they will only be able to halt some of the light entering your room. This happens because of light gaps between the windows and the material of the blackout shades, which creates a passage for the light.

While there will always be some light in your room regardless of blackout shades, you can still block a considerable amount of light through them. It all depends on the fabric you choose, its color, and where you are applying it. You can consult us to help you choose the perfect type of blackout shade for your needs.

Blackout shades are your go-to choice of drapes when you want to increase your privacy. Apart from obstructing outdoor light from entering your room, the heavy fabric of blackout shades forms a barrier between the outside environment and your room. Thus, you can live in peace knowing that no passerby or neighbor will be able to intrude on your privacy.

Blackout shades that match the overall ambiance of your house are necessary. Otherwise, they would appear to be out of place. You can discuss your preference for colors, styles, and fabrics with us, and we will ensure that we fulfill all your demands. This way, you can get blackout shades that perfectly complement your interior spaces.