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At MH Home Solutions, we have a skilled team of professionals dedicated to uplifting the look of your living space. With our range of services, including window treatments, kitchen decorating, and custom closet solutions, you can make the most of our collaboration as we work to bring your individual style to your home. Whether you want to install the most well-fitted blinds, re-decorate your kitchen, or maximize storage space with customized closets — we have got you covered both in terms of quality and functionality. After all, our goal is to not only make your home aesthetically pleasing but also keep these installations highly practical!

Complete The Interior Look Of Your Home With The Best Window Treatments

Dressing your windows up with just the right accessories to match the interior of your home is a real game changer! But at the same time, with so many options to choose from, it also tends to get a bit overwhelming. Our professionals specializing in window treatments are well-familiar with what works best for different aesthetics and can assist you throughout the selection process up to the actual installation. From smart blinds, curtains, and drapes to motorized, zebra, blackout, and roller shades — MH Home Solutions has an answer to all your preferences. Simply make your interior space stand out with your favorite window treatment in no time!

Declutter The Space With Our Custom Closet Solutions

Is your cluttered and disorganized closet getting you frustrated? With our custom closet solutions, you won’t have to deal with this anymore. At MH Home Solutions, we utilize every inch of your space to create storage spaces that can help keep your things organized in a highly practical way. Whether you want a walk-in closet or a reach-in one, we strategically plan out the most suitable closet design and craft it with high-quality materials that can easily take on the load. You can count on our team to provide an efficient storage solution that will save you from chaotic scavenging in your closet and simplify your daily routine!


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Emma Jones

I initially hired MH Home Solutions to update my closet. Their custom design was totally a game changer and my new closet looks amazing with plenty of storage space. Completely satisfied with the results, I decided to renovate my kitchen cabinet too. Once again, their team did not disappoint. If you want great attention to detail, these are your guys!

Building Your Dream Kitchen

Investing in well-curated cabinetry in your kitchen is a non-negotiable. Keeping that in mind, our team of craftsmen fully analyze the space they have to work around and then build upon a design accordingly with great precision and care. From traditional to modern aesthetics and from sleek finishes to intricate patterns, our goal is to bring your preferred aesthetics to life. We understand how the kitchen is quite literally the heart of the home, which is why we make it our top priority to create such a personalized cabinet space for you that functions flawlessly while staying close to your unique needs.

Enhanced Organization

Getting a well-designed cabinetry solution for your kitchen will give you ample storage area. This will help keep all your essentials organized and easily accessible at all times.

Customization Options

From picking the type of wood, hardware and accessories to choosing between pull-out shelves, soft-close drawers and built-in pantry solutions — we offer complete freedom for you to pick your cabinetry designs.

Upgrade Your Home MH Home Solutions

If you want to upgrade the ambiance of your interiors while keeping up with the practicality of your home in Miami, our team at MH Home Solutions has all the expertise you need! From sleek designs to timeless masterwork, hire our reputed service to bring your visions to reality. Schedule a consultation today!

Our craftsmen know how to use every inch of the available space to give you the maximum benefits. At the same time, we offer the latest innovations such as  adjustable shelves, hanging rods, drawers, and specialized organizers as well. By combining the two aspects we strive to maximize storage capacity in your closet.

You can expect a couple of weeks for the complete design and installation of a custom closet. Of course, this can vary based on the size and complexity of the project. The type of final finishes and accessories you plan to opt for can also affect this timeline. 

Yes, you can rely on our design team to help you figure out the best cabinetry style for you. For that, we need you to talk us through aesthetic preferences, functional expectations, and budget constraints. Using this information, we will help you make informed decisions with our expert advice that suits your individuality.

When the possibilities of creativity are endless, finding just the right material can feel like a quest. If you are having trouble determining which decor style you want to adopt, feel free to request samples and swatches. By seeing and feeling them firsthand, you’ll have a better idea about what to expect.

Getting window treatments gives you more control over precision and quality. With accurate fits to cater to different shapes and sizes, personalized style and design options, and superior-quality materials, the entire process is most likely to be more stress-free.

Every home has different space constraints and architecture. Not to mention, every homeowner is unique and has a different set of likings. Keeping that in mind, MH Home Solutions offers you the freedom to accommodate special requests or customizations. Once we know what you need, our team tailors our products and services to your specific needs by working around them to make it happen for you.