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Smart curtains look exactly like standard curtains but, instead of being drawn manually, offer a motorized touch. These curtains have a motor fitted within them, and you can either operate them through a remote or by installing an app and controlling it on your phone. Thus, a simple “Hey Alexa, draw the curtains” would do the job for you. Hence, smart curtains will automatically get drawn without even a hint of manual touch. Be it completely opened or closed or only partially opened; your preference will be matched without you having to get out from the comfort of your bed to perform this task.

Cosy lounge room in shades of beige
Cosy lounge room in shades of beige
Cosy lounge room in shades of beige
Cosy lounge room in shades of beige

How Can Smart Curtains Be Controlled?

Smart curtains can be controlled via a remote that regulates its motor. However, you may not always remember to carry a remote at all times. Thus, you can install a wireless wall switch backed up by batteries to control the curtains. The switch can be planted at any place that may be of convenience to you. For instance, your bedside table, dining table, on a wall, or any other place. If that seems like too much work, smartphones are a suitable alternative. Download an app that connects your phone to the motor and start controlling your curtains through your smartphone.

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Cosy lounge room in shades of beige
Austin D.

We purchased smart curtains from Mh home solutions and the installation process went very smooth. My wife loves her new curtains and I enjoy the ease of being able to control them through my smartphone. Highly recommend them.

benefits of smart curtains

The most significant benefit that you can unlock with smart curtains is convenience. Recall all those times you suddenly remembered that the curtains in your room were still parted. Well, you no longer have to go back to your room to draw them close. You can conveniently use your smartphones to perform this function while performing your current tasks. You can also program them so that they automatically open and close at certain times of the day to allow light during some parts of the day and guarantee privacy during the night hours. Additional benefits include:


Smart curtains can be connected to your house's smoke detectors, so in case of fire or another hazard, they may automatically be opened to allow ventilation.


You can now use curtains on windows positioned in inaccessible places in your house. With their ease of operation, smart curtains don't require you to go through any hard work to reach those places.

All You Need To Know About Smart Curtains

With the world shifting towards technological advancements, each aspect of our daily routine is governed by high-tech automation. Thus, it is no surprise that the technological wave has also taken up something as common as draperies. The availability of apps makes them an even more remarkable option for daily use. Hence, even if you misplace their remote, you can still control them through your mobile apps. Constant transformations in this field have now made smart curtains a less expensive option as compared to what they cost previously while also allowing unrestricted installation.

One way that burglars use to find out whether a house is empty is when your window draperies remain intact for an extended period. You can program your smart curtains to open and close at set times of the day to create an impression that a house is inhabited even when it’s not.

Curtains provide an additional layer of insulation to keep the temperatures outside your home at bay. Thus, the cooling produced by your AC can be maintained for long hours without the intervention of heat during summer. Similarly, the warmth generated by your heaters can be maintained without the intervention of cold air in winter.

The option of installing apps on your smartphones makes it feasible for you to use your phones to control these curtains. This means you don’t always have to tap into the app for this purpose. You can simply use the voice commands of your smartphone to get the app working and control the curtains according to your instructions.

Smart curtains can be battery-powered, and this system enables ease of installation. However, in the case of high ceilings, changing those batteries can be a challenge. In contrast, they can also be wired in. Lastly, you can also integrate solar panels into your systems so that your curtains can be self-powered.