Impact Doors in Cutler Bay, FL

How Can Impact Doors Protect Your Property?

Cutler Bay lies in the coastal borders of Florida, which receives the brunt of the hurricanes attacking this coastal state. Thus, installing hurricane impact doors your house becomes paramount. These doors are made of impact resistant materials, which can effectively reduce the impact of flying debris charging toward your home. Moreover, high speed winds in a hurricane can cause structural damage to your house if allowed to seep in through the gates. Impact doors create a protective shield that makes it impossible for air to pass through. Whether you are looking for standard impact doors or custom doors, our team has the perfect solution for your home. Simply contact us by filling out our contact form or give us a call now to speak to one of our hurricane impact doors experts.

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What Are Hurricane Exterior Doors?

Impact doors Cutler Bay are specialized doors designed with incomparable durability, ensuring robustness against collision from flying debris. They are supported with thick and imperishable frames made of heavy-duty vinyl or aluminum that makes these doors capable of absorbing substantial high-pressure impact.

Moreover, they also prevent water seepage from uninterrupted rainfall that occurs during hurricanes and provide a strong blockade against aggressive winds. Although they look just like your standard doors, hurricane exterior doors have a sturdier door frame than your average door. Apart from that, they have a shatterproof layer that ensures intactness even when the doors break due to high-impact collision.

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What Are The Benefits Of Installing Impact Doors?

severe weather protection

Hurricane impact doors Cutlers Bay are made of fiberglass that is more effective in resisting strong hurricane winds and projectile debris than wood or glass.

damage resistant

Impact doors are specifically made to counter hurricane attacks. They can withstand excessive rains, hail, and strong winds up to 155 mph without any damage.

improved security

Any burglars trying to break into your house will face a difficult challenge since impact doors cannot be easily destroyed, thus ensuring improved security.

insurance reductions

The state of Florida has made it obligatory for insurance companies to provide homeowners with hurricane proof doors with insurance reductions for lower insurance costs.

Hurricane Impact French Doors

hurricane impact french doors

French-style impact doors offer an impressive front door layout that allows ample light to enter your house. Not only does this provide countless health benefits it also adds warmth to your home. Hurricane French doors have a simple functioning mechanism and amplify the quality of your house, increasing its resale value. There are various ways you can style your impact Hurricane French doors while ensuring your safety from deadly storms and turbulent hurricanes.


Bifold hurricane proof doors provide an unyielding resistance to blasting winds, making them an ideal option for hurricane protection. Besides that, they are also immune to water damage resulting from hurricane-powered rains. Bifold doors enable a tight seal that blocks water seepage into your home. Furthermore, they are made of impact-resistant laminated glass that endures impact from flying objects due to the strong winds. They are easy to operate and offer an expressive flair to your house.

Bifold Hurricane Proof Doors
Pivot Impact Doors

pivot impact doors

Pivot doors add beauty and sophistication to the overall ambience of your house. But that is not all they are famous for. Impact resistant pivot doors are high-quality options that do not require regular maintenance. In addition, they provide guaranteed assurance against break-ins by burglars and are the perfect option for hurricane season because of the absence of frames. Thus, they do not get stuck in extreme weather and enable swift movement at all times.

impact sliding glass doors

Hurricane sliding glass doors provide an impenetrable seal as soon as they are closed. This means that any airborne debris or torrential rain resulting from hurricanes will be unable to pass through these impact glass doors. Hurricane sliding glass doors offer unparalleled protection against the effects of a storm, together with improved security from burglar attacks, along with increased energy efficiency. Lastly, you can also rely on these impact glass front doors for considerable discounts on your insurance cost.

Impact Sliding Glass Doors

hurricane proof garage doors

Hurricane-rated garage doors are made to combat even the roughest storms and securely protect your possessions in the garage. Even through constant lashes of winds and rain droplets, hurricane proof garage doors stand tall without allowing even the slightest seepage of water beyond them. They are also less prone to denting if a large airborne object hits them and require lower maintenance costs as compared to other garage doors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hurricane Impact Doors

There’s a lot about hurricane impact doors that you need to know before you make the big shift. While the apparent benefits of impact doors Cutler Bay such as advanced protection from the aftereffects of hurricanes and other alarming storms, are known by all, there is still a lot about these impact doors that you may not be familiar with.

Getting an all-rounded knowledge about them is integral so you can make the right choices when it comes to choosing hurricane-impact doors. Here are a few frequently asked queries about the impact doors Cutler Bay that will help you make your decision

Hurricane Impact Doors

Hurricanes come in varying categories, each of which brings a contrasting strike. For instance, a Category 2 hurricane carries wind speeds of 110 mph that are strong enough to flip a car. In contrast, Category 5 hurricanes with wind speeds of 155 mph or more can disrupt homes and cause lethal effects on their residents. Regardless of the hurricane category, impact doors ensure that your loved ones are safe from the mayhem caused by them.

Impact glass doors structure, as the name suggests, includes impact glass. This glass is made of a mixture of laminated and tempered glass. The plastic lamination that holds this combination together offers thicker support than that of standard glass. Once created, its durability is tested by running them through wind speeds greater than 100 mph and hitting them with steel objects at 90 mph. This ensures a supreme level of resilience.

Like everything else, hurricane impact doors Cutler Bay come with an expiry date. While you do not have to be worried about them breaking during a turbulent storm, after a significant period, they, too, require replacement. The functioning period of impact doors lies between 10 to 25 years, depending on the quality of materials used in their formation. As a rule of thumb, they must be replaced after 15 years to prevent compromise with our safety.

Floridian law 627.0629 states that all insurance companies providing property insurance to residents of Florida must offer insurance premium discounts to those citizens that have made preparations on their property to keep it safe from the adverse consequences of a hurricane. This includes house protection through the installation of hurricane impact doors. Thus, if you meet these criteria, then you can contact your insurance provider and avail of premium discounts on your insurance cost.

Ultraviolet rays have several harmful effects that must be avoided at all costs. For instance, when they come in contact with your skin, they can cause skin cancer and premature aging. Clear, solar gray, and bronze impact-resistant doors offer 100% blockade against these ultraviolet rays, which means a reading of 0% UV value and penetration in your house.

Hurricane impact doors Cutler Bay have a shatterproof feature that makes it a burdensome task for burglars to break these doors and enter your home. The shatter-resistant glass is attached to an aluminum frame and is made of a plastic film known as Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) of a thickness varying between 0.015 to 0.090 inches. This means that any intruder attempting to break into your house will meet with failure.

Impact doors can withstand hurricanes up to Category 5. However, sometimes the damage created by projectile objects can create damage. Thus, you can request an inspection appointment. Our team will examine the doors for any impairment. If they become flawed, it is recommended that you don’t risk your security and hurry to install a new impact door. Otherwise, you can use the old ones since they typically last for 10 to 25 years.

Hurricane impact doors Cutler Bay are specifically engineered, keeping in mind the varying intensities of hurricanes that hit Cutler Bay. This involves multiple layering of dual sheets of laminated glass divided by a plastic layer to prevent a collision. Although the laminated glass itself is impact resistant, in the case where the glass does break, the plastic layer keeps the glass from shattering and causing further injuries.

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MH Home Solutions specializes in providing first class hurricane protection windows and doors. We started our operations in 2010 and, ever since then, have aimed to deliver excellence to all the residents across South Florida in terms of hurricane impact doors and windows.

We give utmost importance to our ethical commitments and adroit craftsmanship to deliver the best quality of materials, design, and fittings to our clients with hurricane impact doors Cutler Bay.Our objective is to provide our clients unequaled protection against adverse storms or hurricanes through our impact doors and windows. Call us today for a consultation and in-home estimate.

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