Impact Doors in Homestead, FL

Why Do You Need Impact Exteriors Doors?

Florida is the most likely state in the US to be hit by a hurricane, with the southeast being the third most impacted part of Florida. This means that residents of Homestead and other cities falling in that area need to speed up their preventive measures to reduce personal damage created by these storms.

Impact exterior doors are just what you need to protect your security and the well-being of your loved ones. Hurricane doors Homestead provides a robust barrier between the powerful winds and your family and your possessions. Moreover, these impact front doors offer a reliable defense against all sorts of flying debris, keeping them from entering your home.

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What Exactly Is An Impact Door?

Unlike your standard doors, impact doors Homestead are built in such a way that they can withstand gusty winds and severe weather conditions. These doors pass a series of stringent tests to guarantee their strong defenses against powerful storms and tropical rain. These impact front doors have a polyurethane core covered with fiberglass skins that gives them their outstanding sturdiness. Furthermore, reinforced hinges and frames are also attached to them for added support. Even if you choose a design of hurricane glass doors, you can be assured that they won’t succumb to the pressure of strong winds like standard glass doors.

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benefits of installing impact doors homestead

severe weather protection

You can seek well-grounded protection from hurricane winds, persistent rainfall, and the potentially lethal impact of flying debris as long as you’re within the confines of impact doors.

damage resistant

The double layering of these doors, the impact-resistant glass, and the sheet of plastic minimize the chances of any damage. Thus, the glass would still stand firm even if the outer plastic layer breaks.

improved security

Not only do these doors excel at keeping the exterior elements away from your house or commercial property, but they’re also great at keeping intruders from breaking in.

insurance reductions

Home improvements such as replacing ordinary windows with hurricane impact doors reduce the liability of insurance companies. In most cases, insurance companies offer homeowners special insurance discounts and reductions.

Hurricane Impact French Doors

hurricane impact french doors

Although hurricane impact French doors include glass plates in their design, they can still be used as instruments to battle extreme climatic conditions. This is because we use impact-resistant glass for our hurricane impact French door designs. These doors open through a hinge and are perfect additions to enhance the aesthetics of your house. They also provide tons of space and passage for natural light escalating the comfortable atmosphere created inside.


Bifold hurricane proof impact doors Homestead are equipped with a resilient front made of laminated impact-resistant glass that can excellently combat airborne debris charging towards your house. In addition, they also have a remarkable noise reduction quality. All the disruptive noises coming from outside will not be able to enter your house as long as these bifold hurricane-proof doors are installed. What’s even better is the architectural charm and the roomy spaces they contribute to your home.

Bifold Hurricane Proof Doors
Pivot Impact Doors

pivot impact doors

One of the most desirable designs in this catalog includes pivot impact doors. Not only are they incredibly strong and provide unmatched stability, but they are also convenient to install because of their frameless surface. Pivot impact doors are convenient to operate, and you can choose their appearance from an extensive range of materials, sizes, and designs. When it comes to fitting the style of your house, pivot doors are a perfect choice to create an impressive visual impact

impact sliding glass doors

Impact sliding glass doors have a vinyl or aluminum base that secures the foundation of these doors. Thus, regardless of the pressure of winds or projectile debris, these sliding doors won’t budge. This makes them ideal options for Homestead home owners, where the wind speed catches acceleration frequently. This is not the only way that impacts sliding glass doors to ensure the safety of your house. They also provide burglar resistance and noise reduction, making them stunning door options.

Impact Sliding Glass Doors

hurricane proof garage doors

Your garage is not only home to your cars but also to some of the most invaluable items you’ve stored there. This means protecting them from being washed off by hurricanes is your top priority. For this reason, hurricane-proof garage doors are necessary, primarily if you’re located in Florida. They provide a tough exterior that can withstand up to 155 mph hurricane winds.

Benefits of Hurricane Impact Doors

While a shift from standard doors to hurricane impact doors is a necessity, especially if you’re living in high-risk areas, the change comes with numerous questions. The prime role of hurricane impact doors is to provide a safe shelter for yourself and your loved ones from terrible hurricane winds and everything that comes with them.

Other favorable benefits that hurricane glass doors offer include the following:

  • Noise-cancelling features
  • Protection from burglars
  • Great insulation
  • Blocks harmful UV rays
  • Increases home value

Hurricane doors Homestead can help keep you and your family guarded against the powerful force of tropical storms and hurricanes.


The same way a neat finish or a spectacular curb appeal for your house increases its resale value, the installation of hurricane impact doors serves the same purpose. Such doors provide a unique selling point in your home that is bound to attract innumerable potential buyers, especially in Homestead.

If you’re living in Florida, then you’re already aware of the frequency with which hurricanes strike this state. In such a case, hurricane impact doors must be installed to protect your loved ones from disastrous storms. In addition, if you want to make your home more secure against burglars, reduce outside noise, have better insulation, and have significant reductions in your house’s heating and cooling costs, then impact doors and windows are a must.

Impact doors offer relentless endurance against extremely strong windstorms. Impact doors can firmly encounter hurricanes up to category 5. Even if the door was to break, the good news is that they don’t break in the usual way where their smashed remnants go flying in all directions. Hurricane impact doors are shatter-proof. Thus, even when they are disrupted, they remain intact, so no harm is received by anyone.

Persistent rains with strong winds that blow in the direction of your house can cause water to get trapped in the tracks of impact doors. However, these doors are designed to capture this excess water and drain it out through weep holes found at the base of the doors. If these weep holes are allowed to fill with dirt, they can restrict the water pathway resulting in leakages. Otherwise, no leakages are prone to occur.

You don’t have to compromise the attractiveness of your house while making it hurricane proof. Hurricane impact doors come in a wide range of styles and designs that you can choose from to match your artistic taste. For instance, impact sliding glass doors or pivot doors are wonderful options to add a unique flair to the appearance of your house. Apart from that, bifold, French, or contemporary designs are also noteworthy options.

Impact doors Homestead are shatter-proof. This means they minimize the risk of breakages, be it from raging winds, flying objects, or burglars trying to break into your house. Thus, the chances of break-ins from unwanted people are significantly reduced. However, burglars can very well find another way of entering your home. Hence, hurricane impact doors can be called burglar-deterrent doors, but calling them burglar resistant won’t be totally right. We always recommend installing impact windows to add additional protection to your home. Further precautions, such as alarms, would be another recommendation.

Homestead is at high risk of hurricane damage. Thus installation of impact doors is a prerequisite if you are a resident there. Once the hurricane has passed, you can contact us for a professional inspection. Our team will ensure that all the components of the doors are undamaged. If all is well, you don’t need a new door. Contrastingly if damage does arise in the inspection, a new hurricane-proof door may be required.

Our hurricane resistant doors are a suitable match for every season. During the winters, they ensure that the warmth exuded by your air conditioning unit doesn’t escape the house. Thus, you won’t have to keep it switched on for long hours since the tight seal of the doors can maintain the warmth. Similarly, the energy of your AC can be saved by activating it for a short period until the cooling spreads.

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Through our keen eye for detail, a dedicated and skilled team of professionals, and our comprehensive understanding of hurricane impact doors and windows, we make sure to offer market competitive services to our clients. Call us today and start planning your shift to hurricane doors Homestead.

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