Impact Windows in Cutler Bay, FL

Why Is It Essential To Install Hurricane Impact Windows In Cutler Bay, FL?

If you’re looking forward to installing hurricane impact windows in your house, you must first ensure the windows you’re looking at are made with top materials that can withstand hurricane speeds of up to 155 mph. For this reason, it’s always a better option to rely on a Florida based hurrincane impact windows and doors company. MH Home Solutions has a keen understanding of the varying degrees of hurricanes that can affect each part of the state. Hence, our products can endure any force of impact without shattering to pieces. With MH Home Solutions windows installation Cutler Bay you can ensure your safety even in the most terrible storms and hurricanes.

Ways To Install Impact Windows In Cutler Bay

combination window

Hurricane windows Cutler Bay can be propped in multiple ways. We offer our clients variety with the option of combination windows. You can make a bold statement in any part of your house with combination windows while ensuring the safety of yourself and your loved ones in case of a hurricane.

Combination Window

custom WINDOW walls

To enhance the beauty of your house, we also offer custom window installation Cutler Bay. While exceptional aesthetics are a given with this window installation design, you can also benefit from supreme energy efficiency and improved security that can ultimately increase your home value. This versatile design is a perfect match for every house in Cutler Bay.

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Top 4 Impact Window Designs To Breathe Life Into Your Home



Single-hung hurricane proof windows can be an appealing contemporary addition to your home and add character to it. Single hung impact window is currently one of the most popular window styles in Cutler Bay. They follow the patterns of a fixed window panel at the top accompanied by a sash at the bottom that opens the window when lifted. Their simplicity of operations makes them favorable impact window options. In the non-hurricane season, these windows can be used to welcome ample fresh breeze in your house.


Horizontal rolling impact windows Cutler Bay are the most sturdy window options in the town that offer guaranteed stability and resilience during hurricanes. These windows open sideways, allowing more room for ventilation and a platform to welcome abundant sunlight.

Whether you choose horizontal rolling windows for your office or your home’s interior, they will surely add an exquisite touch to any place. They fit into the category of glider windows that you will come across when browsing our combination window collection. You can also customize the overall style or frame of the window to match your taste, and our impact windows and doors installers in Cutler Bay will set it up accordingly.



Fixed picture impact windows Cutler Bay are a terrific option to add an element of charm to your house. They are the perfect choice to provide panoramic views and their wide-angle assists in ushering adequate natural light into your abode. Fixed picture windows are fitted in one large pane that offers no functionality. This design enables them to be combined with other impact window styles per your preferences. If you are still trying to think of the ideal way to customize fixed-picture windows, we can counsel you with various alternatives until you spot the one that fits suitably in your interiors.


Casement impact windows can be a fabulous pick for your house if you like combining drama with art. Their design includes a single fixed pane that can be opened or closed with the help of a hinge. These windows offer increased ventilation levels and allow the warmth of natural light to enter your house. Casement impact windows reduce your workload since they are effortless to clean and require lower maintenance than their counterparts. The catalog of glazing options that you can get with casement windows can allow you to achieve phenomenal customizations for your house.


All You Need To Know About Impact Windows Cutler Bay

We at MH Home Solutions give the utmost importance to catering to our clients with unparalleled services. One part of our service regimen is answering all their questions regarding windows installation Cutler Bay. We make sure to provide you with the most detailed answers. Hence, you have a comprehensive understanding of all the characteristics, features, and technicalities of impact windows. Our mission is to remove any doubts so you can have a delightful and satisfying purchase experience. A few frequently asked questions by our clients have been mentioned below for your assistance.

Hurricane proof windows do make you entitled to insurance premium discounts. However, this is only when all your house is protected with impact windows. The Floridian statute 627.0629 proclaims homeowners’ rights to avail insurance discounts on installing impact windows and doors in their homes. Thus all property insurance providers must offer some discount to those whose houses are protected by hurricane-proof equipment.

Impact windows are unlike your standard ones and are equipped with shatter-resistant glass. The glass structure is durably secured to a heavy-duty frame which provides long-lasting support. The window structure consists of two shatter-resistant glass sheets, which are joined together by a layer of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) which keeps the glass secure. This type of window installation Cutler Bay offers unparalleled protection during the largest hurricanes by providing an unbreakable barrier against flying debris and torrential rainfall.

The shatter-resistant feature of impact windows makes them marvelous options for keeping burglars at bay. Thus, even when a burglar tries to enter your house by breaking through the windows, they won’t be able to do so. Impact windows are designed to withstand the harshest impacts. The dual glass layering on either side of a PVB layering works as a protective gear for your house from burglars as well.

Impact windows are designed to battle hurricanes ranging up to Category 5. The severe downpour, which is synonymous with hurricanes, can seep into your house’s walls or enter the interiors, causing interior flooding. However, with the help of hurricane proof windows, an impenetrable seal is activated as soon as you shut the windows. Thus, neither can any droplets enter your house, nor can any noise waves from outside. Your home will see a drastic improvement in outside noise reduction. Hurricane impact window installation Cutler Bay is a fantastic way to protect your home. Contact our team today for a complimentary estimate.

Apart from providing an excellent barrier against the effects of hurricanes, such as strong winds, excessive rainfall, and large objects smashing against your windows, impact windows offer a range of other benefits. The shatter-free glass they are made of makes it almost impossible for burglars to break in. Moreover, the tight seal activated when they are closed offers noise reduction, energy efficiency, and enhanced protection from UV rays.

The styling catalog offered by MH Home Solutions is flooded with innumerable impact window styles you can adorn your house with. From single-hung, fixed-picture, and casement impact windows to horizontal rolling windows, each piece we offer goes through intense tests to ensure they can resist forceful impacts while delivering brilliance to each corner of your house. Besides that, we offer various customization options and our combination and custom window wall design.

Hurricanes carry with them a plethora of damages that result from their high-pressure winds, inordinate rainfalls, and flying debris. The absence of impact-resistant glass makes standard windows prone to breakage by airborne debris that can cause its glass to shatter and injure the residents of your house. Additionally, internal flooding and water seepage in walls can also be prevented by impact windows.

Our experience is our number 1 asset. We started operations in 2010 and, ever since then, have toiled night and day to offer our clients the finest quality of impact windows and doors for hurricane protection. Apart from that, our window installers in Cutler Bay are highly skilled individuals who can be relied upon to install impact windows safely and securely. Thus, you can be assured that your house is in safe hands with us

Providing Excellence In Hurricane Protection Since 2010

For over a decade now, MH Home Solutions has been at the forefront of providing incomparable protection against the dreadful effects of hurricanes through our top-grade impact windows and doors in Homestead. Our primary objective is to make our clients feel protected, which is why we carefully choose our impact glass to ensure that it meets all the criteria requirements. We offer a friendly price point so our clients can protect their homes without considerable financial burdens. Contact our team today for a free consultation and estimate for your Cuter Bay home or commercial property.

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