Impact Windows in Homestead, FL

Why Is It Essential To Install Hurricane Impact Windows In Homestead?

Florida is the welcoming ground for hurricanes that usually arrive in the second half of the year. Homestead falls in one of those areas of Florida that is most susceptible to hurricane damage. Thus, timely preparations to minimize the aftershocks of hurricanes are necessary. Homestead Impact windows creates a strong barrier between the different parts of your house and the high-speed winds, rain, and objects flying due to the hurricane. Thus, in times of a vigorous hurricane, you can have windows in your house without compromising your safety or your loved ones.

Types Of Impact Window To Install In Your House

combination window

Window installation Homestead must not necessarily follow the same pattern of singular windows at every house corner. You can add an artistic flair to the standard type and go with a combination window design. Combination windows are one of our specialties in home window installation that provide a contemporary exterior and are also energy-efficient.

Combination Window

custom WINDOW walls

We can provide you with the finest quality custom window walls, such as custom casement windows for your home window installation. These Homestead hurricane windows are ideal options to match the dimensions of any house. We are at your service to aid you in breathing new life into your homes through custom window walls.

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Top 4 Transformative Impact Window Designs



Single hung windows Homestead can be a perfect fit for any room across the house because of their versatile style. Single hung windows do not require demanding installations and allow convenient opening and closing systems. As soon as they are shut, these hurricane impact windows spread an impenetrable seal that will not allow the slightest bit of blustery winds blowing outside or heavy rainfall to enter your house. On a warm and pleasant day, single hung windows can be opened to welcome a comforting breeze inside the house and rejuvenate the interior atmosphere of your house.


Window installation Homestead with a horizontal rolling window design offers a fresh look to your house. They are larger than other window designs and guarantee a modern appearance for your house. They come in two or three lite panels, according to your preference. Their design includes sashes that enable them to be opened by overlapping one another. Horizontal rolling impact windows Homestead are perfect for every weather. Their tight seal keeps the chilly winds away during winters and the torrent winds and downpours away during hurricanes or monsoon season. Lastly, their extensive area allows a fresh breeze to enter your house during summer allowing essential ventilation.



Fixed-picture windows have more high durability as compared to other hurricane windows Homestead. Windows prevent the escalating atmospheric pressure outside your house from entering inside. This makes windows more prone to breaking when flying debris smashes against them. Fixed-picture impact windows are made of laminated glass, making it impossible for high-speed debris to break them. Moreover, these windows have a robust framing that provides the structure with enhanced support, keeping it intact. Fixed-picture windows do not have an operating function. However, you can still spice things up by pairing them with other impact window designs. Thus, you do not have to be worried about an open fixed-picture window during abrupt storms or hurricanes. They are also pocket-friendly options in contrast to other impact windows.


Casement or custom casement windows can be wholly opened, allowing loads of fresh air to enter your abode. These hurricane impact windows are made of dual impact-resistance glass sheets separated by a solid plastic sheet capable of protecting against projectile debris regardless of the speed with which they collide.

Furthermore, they enable swift operations, making them a suitable option for places usually out of reach, for instance, a casement impact window behind the sink or high up on the wall. Since a slight turn on their handles can unfasten these windows, they are the perfect options for inaccessible areas of your house.


All You Need To Know About Impact Windows Homestead

Installing hurricane impact windows is essential for your house not only during the peak hurricane season but all year round. Apart from internal protection, impact windows offer a bucket full of favorable benefits that allow you to sleep peacefully at night. The shatter-proof feature of impact windows presents an impossible challenge for burglars trying to break into your house through the windows. Moreover, you can also see a considerable drop in your insurance costs by protecting your home with hurricane-proof windows. We can help you secure your house with impact windows while offering a range of designs and styles, so you do not have to compromise your house’s architecture.

Hurricane-proof windows are incredibly strong and can comfortably withstand a hurricane of Category 5, i.e., wind speeds of more than 155 mph. This is ensured by the PVB player of plastic that prevents the two sheets of glass from colliding and shattering. Furthermore, they include an aluminum or vinyl frame that provides sturdier support than standard windows. This results in impact-resistant hardware that can battle the turbulence created by a hurricane.

Out of all the states in America, Florida has the highest risk of being hit by a hurricane. Although the whole state is at this risk, the southeastern part of Florida is the third most threatened part by these hurricanes. Since Homestead lies in southeast Florida, it makes it absolutely necessary for its residents to protect their houses with hurricane-impact window installation Homestead as a preventive measure against hurricanes and other lethal storms.

Impact windows are not entirely soundproof but offer a noise reduction feature instead. This is enabled by the compact seal that becomes prevalent once the windows are closed. The dense seal is necessary to obstruct the incoming attacks of projectile objects due to high-pressure winds that make their way toward your windows. But that is not all. The seal also blocks entire sound waves from entering your house, only making way for small inaudible fragments.

Hurricane impact windows look exactly like standard windows but have certain superpowers that make them stand out from their standard counterparts. These features include:

  • Formidable barrier against wind pressures arising from hurricanes to maintain serenity within the house.
  • Can withstand the intensity of windborne scraps charging toward your windows. This prevents any glass from shattering, as would happen with standard windows. Thus the residents inside can remain safe.
  • Prevents seepage even during a torrential downpour.

The Floridian law states that all property insurance providers in the state of Florida are required to impart a special premium discount to their customers who have protected their properties with hurricane-proof windows. Since such a move reduces the burdens on insurance companies for house renovations if they were to get damaged by the hurricane, they are supposed to repay the favor by providing premium discounts that can considerably lower your total insurance costs.

Impact windows are designed in a way that they block the sun’s UV rays from entering your house. Thus, if it’s hot and you’ve switched on your AC, you can switch it off after a while since the temperature won’t be affected by the heat rays coming from outside. In the same way, during winter, the impact windows will keep the chilly winds at bay, and you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere without using the heater all day.

Not only do UV rays carry intolerable heat with them, but they also open Pandora’s box of diseases. Constant exposure to such rays can cause skin cancer, loose skin, wrinkles, and other skin-related problems. Besides that, UV rays are also responsible for burning the corneas in the eyes, erythema, liver spots, etc. Fortunately, impact windows can prevent these rays from being injected into your house by providing 99% protection from them.

Although it is challenging to break impact windows, they will ultimately break when the right amount of pressure is applied to them. Winds of over 155 mph are capable of breaking impact-resistant windows. However, although they do and can break, impact windows will not shatter and cause injuries because of broken glass. Even after they have been broken, impact windows will remain intact, creating no further damage.

Providing Quality Impact Windows and Doors in Homestead

MH Home Solutions has been presiding over the homestead windows and doors scene since 2010. We provide your family the protection they need during chaotic storms and hurricanes. Over the past years, our core focus has been to provide our clients value in their entire purchase experience. From your first phone call onwards, our priority is to provide our customers with superior craftsmanship and a cooperative purchase and post-purchase experience. Contact our team today for your complimentary consultation and estimate for your Homestead home or office.

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