Impact Doors in
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Do You Need Impact Doors to Protect Your Property?

Florida has experienced more than 60 intense storms since the year 2000. If we look at the cumulative damage, it amounts to billions in repairs and efforts in restoration. Many instances of such storm damage could be prevented with the installation of hurricane impact doors. What makes impact doors so crucial for Florida homes and businesses is the engineering. It is constructed to resist the force and the impact of powerful winds and flying objects that would otherwise shatter glass or rip doors from its frame. If you are interested in safeguarding your property, learn more about the benefits of an impact door with MH Home Solutions.

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What is an Impact Door?

Impact doors in Broward County  are constructed with glass panels, wood finishes, and steel or aluminum frames. Glass impact doors consist of multiple layers of glass to create a thick and shatterproof surface. The purpose of such products is to reinforce your entryways against the power of storms and hurricanes. When wind speeds reach over 150 mph, there is no chance that a standard door will remain undamaged or attached to the property. Once the doors and windows are broken by severe weather, it can destroy the interior and surrounding structural supports.

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How You Can Benefit from the Install of Impact Doors

severe weather protection

The purpose of constructing hurricane impact doors in Broward County FL, is to protect against the intensity and the severity of hurricane and storm damage. Have peace of mind that your home is protected with our range of quality impact-resistant doors.

damage resistant

Owing to the impeccable engineering of an impact door, it is less prone to wear and tear or damage. The thicker layers, tough components, and incredible reinforcement create doors that are resilient in all types of weather conditions and even instances of attempted property invasions.

improved security

The toughness and thickness of hurricane impact doors make them the best security investment for any residence or commercial property. If you install a glass pane impact door, it is tough enough to withstand the force created by an intruder to gain access into the property. For top hurricane impact doors Broward residents can speak to us to increase their security.

insurance reductions

Installing a door that is designed to withstand a hurricane is certainly a favored feature among insurance providers. Insurers understand the safety that hurricane impact doors in Broward County FL, can provide.

Hurricane Impact French Doors

hurricane impact french doors

Classic, contemporary, and traditional best describe our range of hurricane impact French doors. The popular design will complement all styles of properties and add immense value. What makes our French impact doors so unique is the durable construction that will protect you against the force of hurricanes and adverse weather conditions.


The bifold hurricane-proof door is a unique feature that will suit large homes and commercial properties in Florida. Our bifold range creates panoramic views with its impressive glass panes, but its most important feature is its durability. It is designed with the thickest layers of glass to prevent flying objects or storms from shattering the glass.

Bifold Hurricane Proof Doors
Pivot Impact Doors

pivot impact doors

The pivot impact door works with a swivel function and is a great way to create a unique impression at your front entrance. Along with its smooth swinging operation, it can also protect you against the extreme weather conditions that Florida is known for. With our pivot impact doors, Broward County residents can rest assured that they have made an incredible investment.

impact sliding glass doors

If you enjoy indoor and outdoor living but you are concerned about the integrity of a glass door, you can rely on the superior quality of our impact sliding glass doors. Designed with excellent quality, you can enjoy your surroundings and scenery with the confidence that your newly installed doors can protect against intense storms and even potential intruders.

Impact Sliding Glass Doors

hurricane proof garage doors

Safeguard your garage with hurricane impact doors. When storms damage or tear the garage door from the property itself, the costs of repairs can seem endless. Keeping your property well protected depends on the quality of the proofing that is installed. MH Home Solutions can guarantee protection and tough engineering in storms and similar conditions.

What are the Benefits of Hurricane Impact Doors?

The primary design purpose of hurricane impact doors is to protect against the damage that severe tropical storms are known to cause. Along with its storm-proofing qualities, impact doors can also prevent burglars from gaining access. With thick frames, immense reinforcement, and the toughest glass, it is virtually impervious to intruders. The dense layers and the professional installation also provide insulation that will improve the overall energy efficiency. When you install modern impact doors, Broward County residents will enjoy its noise canceling features, creating a cozy and comfortable interior.

Added security, storm-resistant engineering, noise reduction, and increased energy efficiency. It will also improve the resale value of your home, making it more attractive to prospective buyers.

It’s all in the engineering. With hurricane impact doors Broward residents can depend on its multiple layers of material and reinforced construction. These features are far more dense and stronger than standard doors, making them impact resistant and ready to withstand a harsh storm.

Yes, adding impact doors in Broward County FL is a great way to improve the market value of the property. It makes the property more attractive to prospective buyers who are looking for safe and secure living. It is also a necessary part of adhering to code in storm prone regions.

Yes, these doors are so heavily insulated, outdoor noise and disturbances will be canceled or reduced. You can benefit from storm protection and a reduction in overall noise when you choose our high-quality range of impact resistant doors. With our impact doors Broward County residents will be impressed.

Impact doors in Broward County FL are exposed to many tropical storms year and year. We recommend to contact our professional team when your installations have been exposed to heavy tropical storms and hurricanes. We will ensure that all components are correctly installed and not compromised. This includes any signs of damage caused by extreme cases of hurricane conditions.

Yes, with our hurricane impact doors, Broward residents can benefit from drastic improvement in energy efficiency. Our doors will prevent drafts from streaming in and ensure that hot or cool air does not escape the interior in summer or winter.

Protect Your Home and Business with MH Home Solutions

With the install of hurricane impact doors, Broward residents can take advantage of high-quality hurricane impact doors that are beautifully designed with protective features. Our range of resistant doors will prevent storms from wreaking havoc on your home but will also create insulation, energy efficiency, reductions in noise. For the best impact doors Broward County residents can benefit from our outstanding attention to detail and our professional state compliance. We can help you with valuable and competitively priced impact doors you can depend on. From new installations to unique designs, please speak to us as your trusted impact door company. Call today for your free consultation and estimate.

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