Impact Doors in Coral Springs, FL

The Finest Quality Impact Doors in Coral Springs

MH Home Solutions has always been known for the outstanding quality of our impact doors. We specialize in durability, style, and value to ensure that every impact door we supply and install will stand the test of time. Our resilient doors are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and damage making them the best impact doors Coral Springs homes can rely on. Because an impact door is designed to protect against hurricanes and disasters, you need a fine range that lives up to its quality promise. At MH Home Solutions, we stick to our promises and high service standard with impeccable residential and commercial impact doors.

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Why Choose Our Impact Doors?

When looking for an impact door, you shouldn’t sacrifice the quality or the workmanship for a cheaper cost. At MH Home Solutions, we believe in the integrity of our products with unmatched longevity and at a price that our clients find valuable. When you choose our impact doors, you can rest assured that it is manufactured using the highest quality materials and unparalleled installation. We specialize in impact doors for homes and commercial properties and offer fully custom design to protect you from natural events and unauthorized access. Our doors have been tested against the force of hurricanes with exceptional results.

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Fortify Your Home with Coral Springs’ Strongest Doors

severe weather protection

Keep your valuables protected against wind speeds of over 150 mph when you install impact doors by MH Home Solutions. With our hurricane impact doors Coral Springs residents have confidence that even the toughest storms are no match for our products.

damage resistant

From hurricanes to heavy storms, our damage-resistant doors will keep you safe. Forceful wind and rain simply won’t make it past our range of impact doors.

improved security

Impact doors prevent unauthorized access to your property. Every impact door is designed with anti-burglary features and incredible durability.

insurance reductions

Even insurance companies trust the strength and protection that impact doors provide. They know that properties are safer when an impact door is installed.

Hurricane Impact French Doors

hurricane impact french doors

You can enjoy the beauty of the modern French Door with peace of mind your home is protected against storms, burglaries, and general damage. Large glass panels in exquisite frames are engineered to withstand force without compromising the unique design. With our exclusive range of hurricane impact doors, Coral Springs residents can improve the appeal of their homes with outstanding value.


The bi-fold door is a striking style that is complementary to both residential and commercial properties. With our bi-fold hurricane doors, you can benefit from the strength of our classic impact door and the exquisite design of our large glass panels, offering unobstructed views. Our durable engineered glass resists force and flying objects.

Bifold Hurricane Proof Doors
Pivot Impact Doors

pivot hurricane impact doors

The pivot door is designed with impressive glass panels and swivel function, which creates an impressive feature for both homes and businesses. When you choose MH Home Solutions, you can benefit from the uniqueness of the pivot door with the incredible strength of an impact door. Our pivot impact doors are designed with durable frames and thick glass to withstand the force created by hurricane winds and damage.

impact sliding glass doors

The impact sliding glass door provides the convenience of indoor and outdoor living with smooth operation and the highest resistance levels. With our impact doors Coral Springs residents are provided creatively engineered doors that are easy to open and close. From immense tropical storms to unmatched security, our impact sliding doors will protect what is most valuable.

Impact Sliding Glass Doors

hurricane proof garage doors

An area that is commonly affected by hurricane and storm damage is the garage door. While regular garage doors are designed to secure property, it is no match against force. By installing hurricane-proof garage doors, you have confidence that your home has the best protection against adverse weather conditions that would otherwise cause costly damage.

Why You Need Professionally Engineered Impact Doors

An impact door means the difference between immense damage and risk to people compared to peace of mind that your home and your people are secure. Hurricane impact doors in Coral Springs are built to withstand the pressure created by storm winds and damage caused by the debris. Should a storm strike, regular glass panels and doors will be ripped, torn, and broken, including damages to the interior. When you install an expertly engineered impact door, it will protect and prevent the possibility of destruction. If you are interested in safeguarding your property, feel free to contact us for exclusive designs and leading services.

Hurricane impact doors are manufactured with dense frames and layers of glass making them thicker than regular doors. It is designed to withstand immense pressure and force that cannot be handled by standard doors, which means high levels of protection against storm damage.

Yes, hurricane impact doors are a great way to improve insulation and energy efficiency.  Owing to the thickness of the glass and dense framework, it prevents drafts from entering the property. It also reduces warm or cool air escaping which means less reliance on heating and cooling equipment.

We have been installing hurricane impact doors since 2010. For more than a decade, we have maintained our quality standards and always listen to the needs of our clients. Our quality workmanship, along with our passion, has contributed to our long-standing success.

Dense fiberglass-reinforced hinges, foam cores, and thick frameworks are among the best materials to resist the intensity and the force of a storm in Coral Springs.

Impact doors will protect your loved ones and your valuables. It can also resist force and immense pressure in the heart of an intense storm.

Not all impact doors are manufactured with UV resistance. It is important to contact us to determine which styles of impact doors are most suitable for your home or business.

Install the Best Impact Doors in Coral Springs

Impact doors are engineered to prevent the pressure of strong winds from cracking glass and tearing through standard frames. Designed with high-quality materials, its purpose is to provide the strongest reinforcement and protection against extremes in weather, potential intrusions, and overall damage resistance. When you speak to us about impact doors, we are here to help you choose the right product for your home or business. You will find various modern styles, including swing, pivot, and French doors, to enhance and secure your property.  For hurricane doors in Coral Springs, give us a call. We can provide reinforced, durable, and contemporary doors that will last a lifetime.

Hurrican Impact Doors