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You Can Find the Best Impact Doors in Hialeah with MH Home Solutions

Florida is one of the top regions for tropical storms and hurricanes. If your home or business is caught in the power of a storm, what will you do to protect your property? The answer is the installation of impact doors by MH Home Solutions. An impact door is specifically designed with layers of glass and strengthened frames to prevent the support and entryway of your home from being compromised. With our range of hurricane impact doors, you can benefit from modern design and incredible durability that are covered by our quality guarantee.

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Our Hurricane Impact Doors are Durable in All Weather Conditions

Impact doors in Hileah FL must be professionally installed and include high-quality manufacture to resist the pressure and the force that hurricanes and storms can cause. At MH Home Solutions, we guarantee the engineering and the installation of our hurricane impact doors to protect your home or business. When the install is compromised because of a lack of expertise, it places your family, employees, and property at risk. When our team comes out to perform the install of impact doors, every care is taken to ensure that it will withstand the force that is thrown at it.

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How You Can Benefit from Hurricane Impact Doors in Hialeah

severe weather protection

Because Florida is prone to tropical storms, it is important to invest in the security of your home or business. This means impact doors that are durable and professionally installed will prevent your property from suffering costly damages.

damage resistant

Whether a flying object strikes your French doors or an intruder tries to break your impact glass sliding door, it will prove resistant against all types of force. You won't need to be concerned with the maintenance or costly repairs with the protection impact doors provide.

improved security

Owing to the sturdiness of hurricane impact doors Hialeah communities will be confident that their home is safe and secure against potential invasions. Intruders will not be able to get past the thick and tough glass panes or frames that characterize our doors.

insurance reductions

Insurance companies want to know that you have taken steps to safeguard your property against adverse weather conditions or intrusions. For this reason, impact doors are favored by insurers because it provides high levels of protection from storms to burglaries.

Hurricane Impact French Doors

hurricane impact french doors

The hurricane impact French door features large glass panels, traditional door handles, and classic designs that would complement any property style. With our hurricane impact doors Hialeah homes and businesses can take advantage of esthetic style with the safety of the impact-resistant glass. Please speak to us for custom hurricane impact French doors.


The bifold hurricane-proof door is one of our most popular designs. It is complementary of homes and businesses that want unobstructed views provided by its large, interconnected glass panels. Along with impressive views and space-saving functions, the bifold hurricane-proof doors are immensely strong and will protect against the extreme nature of a storm.

Bifold Hurricane Proof Doors
Pivot Impact Doors

pivot impact doors

For the best impact doors, Hialeah homes and businesses can contact us for quality, durability, and performance. Our pivot doors are uniquely designed with inswing and outswing function, custom finishes, and impact-resistant glass for energy efficiency and noise reduction. You can benefit from powerful resistance and incredible design when choosing our range of beautifully designed pivot doors.

impact sliding glass doors

The classic glass sliding door is a part of every modern home because it lets natural light in along with unobstructed views. The impact sliding glass doors installed by our team are reinforced and strengthened against the force and pressure that strong wind can cause. We install the toughest glass sliding doors for every home and business in Hialeah.

Impact Sliding Glass Doors

hurricane proof garage doors

Garages provide important structural protection for properties. When it is exposed to the power of hurricane weather conditions and is not an impact garage door, it will be compromised and damaged. To protect your investment, install our hurricane-proof garage doors. Our technicians will provide fully custom reinforcement and protection against extremes in storm and hurricane conditions.

Our Hurricane Impact Doors Meet Florida’s Code Requirements

Our purpose is to provide every client the finest quality hurricane impact doors that delivers on its promises. Our line of impact doors is durable, impact-resistant, stylish, and covered by our quality guarantee. We also comply with code requirements, so every door we install is up to the standard that will best protect your property. Standard doors and frames simply won’t resist the power of a tropical storm. Because you live in hurricane-prone areas, it is crucial to install durable doors that will last a lifetime. We encourage you to speak to us for permanent solutions that will safeguard against the immense force of hurricanes.

You can call us, and we will have a professional technician come out to assess your property. Being a homeowner or business owner in Hialeah, you may be exposed to severe weather conditions that could compromise your property. Impact doors are the best installations to safeguard against damage and risk of injuries.

Yes, our hurricane impact doors are incredibly durable and designed to resist wind speeds of more than 150 mph. With such immense strength, it is virtually impervious to the attempts of potential burglars. Tossing objects at the glass door or using tools to shatter the glass will not cause the glass to break and will not allow access to the property.

Yes, we will work with you to determine the custom features and designs you desire for your home or office. We specialize in impact-proof French doors, impact pivot doors, bifold doors, and much more. Simply consult with us for tailored products and services.

Florida has suffered over 63 tropical storms over the last 20 years, which led to billions in restoration. It’s best to install hurricane impact doors before the onset of storms. This provides peace of mind that your property is secure in the event of adverse weather conditions. You can call MH Home Solutions any time of year for standard and custom impact doors in Hialeah, FL.

Yes, because an impact door is designed with layered glass or wood and thick frames, it can significantly reduce external noise from entering your property. The installation of our quality impact-resistant doors provides the benefits of noise reduction and cancelation along with energy efficiency.

An impact door that is professionally installed will not have to be maintained. If it has been exposed to force and damage of a storm, hurricane, or attempted home invasion, it must be assessed by our professional and experienced technicians. This will ensure that all components are correctly installed and materials are not compromised.

Why Our Impact Resistant Range is the Best

For high-quality impact doors in Hialeah FL, MH Home Solutions is your trusted impact windows and doors company. We have maintained a high service standard for over a decade and continue to protect homes and businesses with impact-resistant doors that will stand the test of time. Whether you need custom products or specialized services, we are here to help you with doors that will keep you safe and secure. When you need assistance with choosing the right door, or you simply want a reliable service, MH Home Solutions is Florida’s impact door specialist you can depend on.

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