Impact Doors in Kendall, FL

Impact Doors are Engineered to Resist Powerful Storms and Increase Security

If you have wondered whether an impact door is needed for your home, we say most definitely! Kendall Florida is prone to storm weather, and if you want to protect your home, your loved ones, and your valuables, investing in an impact door is a rewarding decision. At MH Home Solutions, we specialize in various styles of hurricane impact doors Kendall. From French impact doors to garage impact doors, learn how we can help you hurricane-proof your home or business.

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What are Hurricane Impact Doors and Do I Need One?

Impact doors are designed to resist the pressure and force of hurricanes and severe storm weather. Unlike standard doors, impact doors in Kendall FL are constructed with multiple layers that add density and can handle the force of a storm. If your home is not protected against storm damage, then we highly recommend installing an impact door. It provides durability, outstanding reinforcement, and resistance against immense storms. Along with storm protection, our impact doors also serve as added security, improve energy efficiency, and enhance the value of your property. Have the confidence that your property is safeguarded with the best there is.

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More Reasons to Install Kendall Hurricane Impact Doors

severe weather protection

Safeguard your home and business against the destruction that storms can cause with the installation of our impact doors. We provide dedicated solutions and custom services to protect what is important to you.

damage resistant

Our range of hurricane impact doors is so strong and tough that it is damage resistant in severe weather, home invasions, and overall wear and tear. When you need a professional solution to keep your property safe, you can rely on our team to get the job done right.

improved security

Protect against invasions and security breaches when you install a hurricane-resistant impact door. Because it is tough enough to withstand storms, it is certainly tough enough to prevent intruders from gaining access through your door.

insurance reductions

An impact door offers insulation and safety, and because it is designed to last, it is favored by insurance companies. The installation of hurricane impact doors in Kendall FL qualifies your home or business for a reduction in insurance coverage.

Hurricane Impact French Doors

hurricane impact french doors

Whether colonial or modern, we install a wide style selection of hurricane impact French doors. You can modernize your home with the added appeal and value of the classic French door. Every product is strengthened with superior glass, framework, and expert installation to prevent the damage caused by the force of storms and hurricanes.


Our bifold hurricane-proof doors are designed to maximize views while protecting against damage. The bifold door is perfect for restaurants allowing guests to enjoy the scenery. If you are looking for beautiful views, ease of operation, and damage resistance, then our bifold hurricane-proof doors are just what you need.

Bifold Hurricane Proof Doors
Pivot Impact Doors

pivot hurricane impact doors

Make a statement with the exceptional design of a pivot door combined with the strength and durability of an impact door. At MH Home Solutions, we are proud to present our pivot impact doors that work on a swivel mechanism with a gorgeous glass pane. It is not only modern and attractive but consists of well-insulated and impact-resistant glass. If you are looking for modern pivot hurricane impact doors in Kendall FL give us a call and our team will be happy to provide you with a free consultation and estimate.

impact sliding glass doors

Make your patio a beautiful one while protecting against the pressure and the destruction of storm weather or potential intrusions. Our impact sliding glass doors are designed to glide across the floor with ease while preventing flying objects during a tropical storm from penetrating the glass and causing damage or injury.

Impact Sliding Glass Doors

hurricane proof garage doors

When a hurricane rips through an area, garage doors are often ripped or bent out of shape owing to the force of the strong wind. With our hurricane-proof garage doors, we offer heavy-duty engineering with professional installation to ensure your garage remains intact when a storm strikes.

How to Secure Your Home with High-Quality Impact Doors You Can Trust

With impact doors, Kendall homes and businesses can feel confident that their interiors are safeguarded against the destruction that hurricanes can cause. When storms touch down in Florida, the intensity can leave windows shattered and doors ripped from the frame. The benefit of impact doors provides incredible reinforcement against the speed and force of storms. Doors will handle wind speeds of more than 150 mph and minimize the severe damage associated with the suction of a passing hurricane.  You can best protect your interiors and your family when you invest in the quality and the integrity of an impact door by MH Home Solutions.

Impact doors are durable, and because it is designed to withstand hurricanes, it offers a multitude of incredible benefits. Protection against storm damage, reduced home insurance premiums, improved energy efficiency, and security against property invasions are provided with our impact door range. If you are looking for a particular style of door, speak to us for custom services.

We provide guaranteed solutions from the quality of our doors to the installation process. We take pride in the manufacture and ensure our clients enjoy the resistance and durability they need in a hurricane impact door. We are also competitively priced, offering great value and a quality guarantee.

No, should an intruder attempt to break through the glass by hitting it with force or by throwing an object at it, the impact door will maintain its integrity. With the installation of impact doors, Kendall residents and commercial properties can best protect against home invasions.

MH Home solutions have been installing impact doors in Kendall since 2010. For the last decade, we have assisted many clients with a variety of stylish and strong hurricane impact doors that are designed to stand the test of time.

With the professional installation of hurricane impact doors, Kendall properties will improve overall resale value. Not only is it favored by insurers but also possible home buyers who are looking for safe and secure properties in Florida. It is crucial that your new doors are authentic products and installed by experienced and professional impact door specialists.

Impact doors consist of multiple layers of glass and are installed with reinforced frames. Every aspect of hurricane impact doors is thicker, stronger, and more durable than standard doors. It is designed to resist the force of powerful winds and flying objects without shattering.

Choose MH Home Solutions for the Best Hurricane Impact Doors

When you are looking for hurricane impact doors, you need a company that provides high-quality products and the best installation. These doors must be durable and properly reinforced to prevent them from suffering damage amid a hurricane. When you have a door that is strong enough to resist storm weather, you know it will be tough against attempted break-ins and general damage. Along with its protective qualities, it is also designed for energy efficiency and provides insulation against noise. When you choose our hurricane impact doors Kendall homes and businesses can benefit from the best in craftsmanship and guaranteed workmanship. Call us today to receive your free consultation and estimate.

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