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Strong and Stylish Impact Doors for Every Home

Protecting your home is your priority, and at MH Home Solutions, we understand this. For this very reason, we are the leading manufacturer and installer of impact doors in Miami Dade. Our products are designed with modern finishes and style to complement the beauty of your home or business, but not without its incredible reinforcement. Our line of impact doors is guaranteed to resist strong winds and weather damage. Built to withstand powerful hurricanes, it is also one of the best security investments you can make. When you need durable and high-quality hurricane impact doors, speak to our team for a free consultation and estimate.

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The Importance of Authentic Hurricane Impact Doors

Florida is known for its beautiful tropical weather but also for its fierce storms. You know that you need to protect your property with secure solutions that work against the toughest outdoor conditions. The best way to achieve this is with our line of Miami Dade impact doors. As professional suppliers and installers, we ensure that every feature of our doors is designed to last and provide the tough protection you need against storms, burglaries, and force. Standard doors are no match for the pressure and force caused by hurricanes. To have confidence that you, your family, or your employees are safe, we recommend installing premium hurricane impact doors.

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The Benefits of Our hurricane Impact Doors in Miami Dade

severe weather protection

Every door by MH Home Solutions is engineered with multiple layers of glass, reinforced frames, and a durable core that protects against winds of over 150 mph.

damage resistant

Our doors are low maintenance and include thick glass panels that prevent flying objects or debris from penetrating and causing immense damage or injuries.

improved security

Our impact doors in Miami Dade FL are simply no match for a potential intruder. With a tough framework and superior installation, you have the best security doors for your home or business.

insurance reductions

Insurance companies have confidence in the strength and performance of hurricane impact doors. Insurance companies offer reduced rates for residential and commercial properties with quality impact door installation.

Hurricane Impact French Doors

hurricane impact french doors

French doors are designed to provide panoramic views with a beautiful style to enhance the look of your property. If you want the protection of hurricane proofing with the appeal of the French door, you can speak to us for our exclusive range of hurricane impact French doors.


The bi-fold hurricane door is growing in popularity owing to its ease of opening and closing, its unobstructed views, and its immense strength. At MH Home Solutions, we specialize in a variety of unique designs and colors to ensure you find the best installation for your residential or commercial property.

Bifold Hurricane Proof Doors
Pivot Impact Doors

pivot hurricane impact doors

The pivot impact door works with a swivel and is designed to provide security along with protection against damage and storms.  When you need Miami Dade impact doors that will last against the power and the destruction of storms or compromised security, our range of pivot impact doors can provide the perfect solution.

impact sliding glass doors

If you want to bring the outdoors in, there is nothing more convenient and attractive than a glass sliding door. Many who live in storm-prone areas are apprehensive about glass doors for fear of breakage and damage with exposure to force. Our impact sliding glass doors are durable, dense, and reinforced to resist the strength of hurricanes and damages caused by storms.

Impact Sliding Glass Doors

hurricane proof garage doors

Maintaining your property means reinforcing your garage against possible intrusions and the threat of storm damage. Hurricane-proof garage doors will provide peace of mind that your property is protected in the toughest conditions. We supply and install garage doors with incredible reinforcement and durability against storms, powerful wind, and security threats.

Why You Need Miami Dade Hurricane Impact Doors

A hurricane impact door is uniquely designed and expertly installed. It consists of thick glass, heavy frames, and reinforced features that you will not find in a standard door or frame. For communities in Miami Dade, should a storm strike and your home or business is unprotected, it could have devastating results. Standard doors cannot protect against the force and the pressure that hurricane winds can inflict on your property. The only way to improve your safety and security is with hurricane impact doors Miami Dade can provide. Designed to last a lifetime with immense strength and resistance, our range of powerful doors is perfect for securing and modifying your home.

A regular door consists of a single panel and lightweight framework that is installed with screws. A hurricane impact door is a durable manufacture consisting of multiple layers of glass and materials, including a thick frame, foam core, and specialized installation that is resistant against powerful wind and storm conditions.

Impact doors provide incredible insulation owing to their engineering and installation, which contributes to their energy efficiency. With our hurricane impact doors, Miami Dade homes and businesses can benefit from energy-efficient interiors.

Yes, impact doors can assist with reduced noise because it is designed with many layers of glass. It is thick and well insulated, which means a significant reduction in external noise penetrating into your property.

Hurricane doors should only be inspected after an intense storm or security threat. It does not require replacing if it remains intact. Simply contact our team to assess the condition of your door where storm damage and attempted intrusions have occurred.

Hurricane impact doors undergo vigorous pressure tests to ensure they can withstand powerful winds often exceeding 150 mph. It can also resist the force of objects flying directly at the surface without breaking.

When you have a glass impact door, it is designed to resist forceful blows. The glass is so dense that hurling an object at it will not cause breakage. It is a secure solution to keep your property protected against potential home invasions. Contact our team today to learn more about our hurricane impact doors in Miami Dade.

How We Can Help You with High-Quality Impact Doors

Impact doors are built to provide resistance against extreme force. With our impact doors in Miami Dade FL, all communities can take advantage of the safety and security our products offer. Because Florida is known for its heavy storms and tropical conditions, you can prevent the breakage and the severe damage that a hurricane can cause when it strikes if you have invested in a quality impact door. MH Home Solutions continues to lead the way in innovative, durable, and long-lasting impact doors that will protect you when harsh weather and winds occur. You can contact us for a quote and a list of our incredible hurricane impact doors Miami Dade for your home or business.

Hurrican Impact Doors