Hurricane Impact Doors
in Miami, FL

The Toughest hurricane impact Doors in Miami for Your Home and Business

If a hurricane should strike, will your doors provide the protection that you need? Hurricanes are powerful winds with speeds that can reach up to 155 mph. It can rip through structures in seconds and leave devastation in its wake. When your home or commercial property is secured with tried and tested with the best Miami impact doors, you have peace of mind that your entrances are secure against forceful winds and storms. It is effective in safeguarding property; our door range is also chosen for its security against intruders and its energy efficiency. With our impact doors Miami customers will receive the best in design, form, and function.

Best Impact Doors Fort Lauderdale

We Combine Esthetics with Energy Efficiency and Security

Doors have moved from basic wood design to intricate detailing with glass manufacture or reinforced framework. At MH Home Solutions, we design an exclusive range of durable doors for both residential and commercial properties. While our specialty is hurricane impact doors Miami customers can take advantage of our fine attention to detail that is reflected in our unique craftsmanship. With our guaranteed services, communities can have peace of mind that they are investing in the strongest doors with contemporary design. Our doors are not only resistant to storms but also intruders. Increase the value of your property with beautiful doors that work!

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Our hurricane impact Doors in Miami are Designed with Immense Benefits and Unique Features

severe weather protection

With our exclusive impact doors Miami residents receive secure and reinforced installs that withstand severe weather conditions and protect their interiors.

damage resistant

Using the toughest materials on the market, our doors are not only beautiful to look at but can withstand the forceful impact of storms and hurricanes.

improved security

Stop burglars in their tracks with our one-of-a-kind secure doors. With our impact front doors, Miami homes and businesses can prevent intruders from gaining access.

insurance reductions

When installing our hurricane impact doors Miami customers can receive a reduction in their monthly insurance. Even top insurers recognize the superior protection of our doors.

Hurricane Impact French Doors

hurricane impact french doors

The classic French door remains a firm favorite hurricane impact door Miami residents and commercial clients go for. Incorporating the classic design, our range provides the desired esthetics along with strength and reinforcement against extreme weather conditions. Now you can invest in the beauty of the French door with peace of mind that you will be receiving long-lasting impact front doors Miami.


Our bifold doors are excellent space-saving solutions. It folds into itself, creating open and airy spaces suited to the smallest property. Along with uniquely designed bifold doors, we have included our hurricane-proof features. Our exclusive hurricane-proof bifold doors are multi-functional as it helps create open spaces while protecting against the impact caused by storms and menacing winds.

Bifold Hurricane Proof Doors
Pivot Impact Doors

pivot impact doors

The pivot door swings on a spindle and is larger than your average door. At MH Home Solutions, we offer top-of-the-range pivot impact doors that add impressive value while securing your home or business. Our pivot doors are not only functional but also durable and tough against the force of storms.

impact sliding glass doors

With our stylish impact sliding glass doors Miami customers can benefit from high-quality finishes, convenience, and contemporary design. We present a unique range of sliding doors for all styles of property to maximize light, ventilation, and energy efficiency and without compromising security.

Impact Sliding Glass Doors

hurricane proof garage doors

Should a hurricane pass, it is so powerful that it can rip garage doors from commercial and residential properties. For this reason, we have developed hurricane-proof garage doors. Our fixtures deliver the security and the reinforcement needed to reduce the severe impact of vicious hurricanes. 

Finest Impact Doors

providing the finest impact doors since 2010

MH Home Solutions is a known name for the installation of all types of impact windows and doors. One of our most sold products is the popular impact sliding glass doors in Miami. These doors not only offer excellent protection but a wonderful modern style to any home.

Being natives of Miami, we understand the pain and loss associated with high-speed winds and hurricanes. Also, being locals, we are well-aware of the building norms and laws thoroughly. We guide you through the process with unmatched proficiency, speed, and delivery guarantee from a range of impact sliding glass door options to ensuring aesthetics and high performance. When you hire us, there is the assurance of the installation work being done to match the finest quality and highest standards.

Choose the Best hurricane Impact Doors in Miami

When you need a modern front door, garage door, or even impact sliding glass doors Miami, our range of impact doors is the perfect addition. MH Home Solutions is here to help you choose the right type of door for your home or business without compromising your property’s finish and integrity. With our vast range of hurricane impact doors and custom doors in Miami, you can count on us to deliver quality installation and durable doors that will last for years to come. Add style and value while maximizing security. Please speak to us for expert impact door solutions.

Hurrican Impact Doors