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The Importance of Installing Hurricane Windows in Broward county FL

Broward impact windows can withstand category 5 hurricanes. At MH Home Solutions, we ensure that every impact window we install is of the highest quality and durability. We want you to feel confident that you and your property will be safe when powerful winds and storms occur. Along with the resistance it offers against strong wind and rain, our impact windows are also energy efficiency, well-insulated, and will improve your overall security. Intruders simply cannot break through our tough glass! For custom services, valuable prices, and the best products, speak to us for lasting impact window installs and more.

The Best Window Installation in Broward County and Beyond

combination window

Our combination hurricane windows Broward County provide an extra layer of protection with two glass panes and a bonded frame. It is available in fixed, single, or double pane styles that are sure to complement your home or business. Along with its unique features, our combination windows never fail to protect against hurricane damage.
Combination Window

custom WINDOW walls

Encase your beautiful windows in a custom wall for added reinforcement and protection. We design and build window walls along with hurricane-proof windows to secure your residential or commercial property. Contact us for a comprehensive quote.

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window designs with Impact Proof Features



Single-hung hurricane windows are full of charm, character, and suitable addition to the quaint or modern home. It is among the most popular impact windows in Broward County FL, providing unique design with the reinforcement of hurricane proofing. The single hung window includes a fixed top pane with a bottom sash that you lift to open. Its simple design has contributed to its favorability, and with the addition of impact resistance, it is the perfect addition for Florida homes in storm-prone regions. These windows offer sufficient air circulation and a fair amount of natural light for all living and working areas.


When you are looking for the toughest Broward impact windows, you don’t need to look any further than our horizontal rolling windows. Designed for beauty and durability, the horizontal gliding window consists of a fixed double sash that opens by moving it sideways. Whether for the home or the office, these styles of hurricane windows will maximize natural light and ventilation. It is a glider window that is part of our combination window collection. You can customize the frame and the overall style to suit your esthetic and your operational needs.



The picture window is an excellent choice for maximizing views while allowing warmth and natural light into the space. It consists of a large single pane that will not operate; however, picture windows can be combined with other styles of windows to create the perfect customization for your home or business. You have the option of installing a picture window with a sash or without one. Getting creative with your choice of window is about thinking of what you need. MH Home Solutions can help you find the most valuable installs that will also protect your property.


The casement window is a statement piece for the home. It is designed with a single fixed pane and a hinge on one side of the window, allowing it to open and close. It typically consists of a single sash making it the ideal choice for high ventilation levels while maximizing the amount of natural light. You can open the sash wide to improve air circulation, or you can use the crank or handle to keep the window closed. These styles of windows are also easier to clean and maintain compared to other designs.


Broward Windows and Doors that are Built to Last

At MH Home Solutions, we believe in the finest craftsmanship when it comes to impact windows Broward County. Our authentic designs provide the best of both worlds, from superior and modern design to resistant surfaces that will withstand immense force. Along with our quality materials, we also offer consultation services to our clients to help you find the right installation for your home or business. Whether you are looking to upgrade your property with standard windows or you wish to modify your existing windows with impact-proof styles, we are here to help you find value.

With the installation of impact windows, Broward County homes and businesses can best protect their properties against storm damage. A hurricane window is designed with layers of glass, heavy-duty frames, and professional installation to withstand the force created by ravaging storms. We can help you choose the right window combination and style to enhance your home and business.

As Florida has experienced over 60 hurricane and tropical storms in the last two decades, it is important for properties to maintain the highest levels of protection. One of the best ways to safeguard your property is with impact windows and doors Broward County professionals can provide. Should a storm strike, the thicker panes and reinforced frames will withstand the force and prevent severe damage.

We have been providing our residential and commercial customers with Broward windows and doors for over a decade. Through careful engineering and custom design, we have continued to help our customers maintain the safety and security of their properties.

Because impact windows are built to withstand the force of hurricanes, it is also an excellent security feature. With hurricane windows, Broward County residents can benefit from low maintenance design, long-lasting fixtures, and improved insulation. These windows are also energy efficient and help to reduce outside noise because of the insulation.

For those who live in hurricane and storm prone Florida, hurricane windows are certainly a worthwhile investment. The destruction that a storm can cause to a home can leave you with high costs in repairs, and you won’t be able to remain in a home with shattered windows. With hurricane windows, Broward County customers will have peace of mind their property is protected when intense weather threatens your home’s integrity.

Yes, with impact doors and impact windows, Broward County properties can significantly improve security. Because the doors and glass windows are reinforced and installed to withstand hurricanes, a potential intruder would think twice before attempting to break in. The shatterproof glass consists of multiple layers and will not break even with the force of objects hurled at it.

Providing Customized hurricane Windows & Quality Services in broward

MH Home Solutions offers a distinct range of designs, shapes, and features across our impact windows. Our focus is on the value we can provide our clients, and we have continued to achieve this with durable windows that are expertly manufactured and installed. With authentic impact windows and doors Broward County homes and businesses can invest in their properties safety, beauty, and security. We help you benefit from the latest styles of windows while combining the strength and the durability of impact proofing. Our window designs, courteous services, and experience can help you find the install you need to protect against severe weather conditions. Call us today to receive a free estimate and learn more about our Broward impact windows and doors services.  

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