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Did you know that an impact window is designed to provide reinforcement against the power of hurricanes and storms? Impact windows are growing in popularity not only because it prevents costly and distressing storm damage but also because it of its energy efficiency, its modern design, and its security. When you are interested in impact windows and doors Fort Lauderdale residents and businesses are encouraged to speak to our MH Home Solutions team. Our company offers the skills, and years of experience you need when dealing with hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale.

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Why not combine your doors and windows to create a uniform and modern finish? At MH Home Solutions, we specialize in combination windows that provide all of the features you need in a durable, secure, and stylish installation. With your new impact windows Fort Lauderdale residential and commercial properties can benefit from the improved resale value and incredible security.

Combination Window

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To enhance the look and feel of your home or your commercial space, you should consider the install of custom window walls. Customized impact window walls will include reinforced slabs to maximize light while maintaining the security and integrity of your newly installed feature. Our window walls are most popular for our residential clients and installed across balconies, patios, and similar areas. Learn more about our hurricane windows and doors Fort Lauderdale services by giving us a call or scheduling a call with our team.

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A single-hung window is an affordable and effective way to improve ventilation and light while offering impact window protection. Our single-hung windows include one part of the window that opens and closes while the remaining section is closed. It has our impact and storm resistance features to help you take advantage of the security and the esthetics that only our range can provide. With our crafted impact hurricane windows Fort Lauderdale homes and businesses can take advantage of beautiful finishes and expert installation. Our single-hung windows are the perfect solution to maintain indoor energy efficiency while enhancing overall style. Call us today to find out more about our hurricane windows Fort Lauderdale services.


The horizontal rolling window is an excellent feature for residential properties. It is a typical window that is opened by sliding or rolling a single window pane. As part of our range of impact windows Fort Lauderdale residents are encouraged to contact us and learn of our range of custom services. We are committed to bringing you the best in horizontal rolling windows and achieve this by inspecting your residential or commercial property first. Once we have completed our assessment, we will present our design solutions to ensure that your property is secured.



Are you looking to improve your residential and commercial property security but without being surrounded by bricks and cement? The easiest way to maintain structural resistance against storms while letting the light in is with fixed picture windows. Fixed picture windows are uniquely designed windows that do not open or close when operated. With our impact windows installation Fort Lauderdale residential and commercial properties can take advantage of the professionalism and the competitive prices only we can provide. MH Home Solutions has dedicated many years to the need of our customers. Therefore we know how to deliver fully tailored products and solutions for the improvement of your home.


Casement windows are recommended for the security needs of our customers. The windows are secured with a lock that is fastened to the frame itself. Along with our thick and durable glass, our casement windows provide the ultimate solution against intruders and devastating hurricanes. Our range of casement hurricane windows Fort Lauderdale services provide a unique design to improve interior energy efficiency while providing secure fitment and function. It is important that you choose the appropriate style of casement windows to complement your residential or commercial needs better. You can speak to us for an expert and friendly opinion on the right windows for your property.

Homeowners and commercial property owners are encouraged to get in touch with our team for the best quality impact windows and doors. As a family-owned business, we take care of our clients and welcome new customers with courteousness and professionalism. 

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Customized solutions for impact windows in Fort Lauderdale

Our custom-made solutions are perfectly in sync with the specifics of your windows and doors. Lashing storms and hurricanes can cause irreparable damage to your standard windows in Fort Lauderdale. We understand this like no one else because not only do we belong to this region, but we also have worked in this industry for many years to know the ins and outs of the installation of impact windows in Fort Lauderdale.

Our solutions deliver guaranteed results. Our team of experts studies the unique window requirements of each client in-depth before designing tailor-made solutions. Top-class materials, world-class installation and fitting standards, and immaculate work are some of the benefits of choosing MH Home Solutions to install impact windows in Fort Lauderdale. Ensuring compliance with building regulations and local laws, you can relax as your windows are in the best hands. No matter the style, the size, or the feature, contact us for the best impact windows solutions.