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The Toughest Impact Windows in Miami for Homes and Businesses

Did you know that the worst hurricanes can cost up to $21 billion in damages? Storm surges and hurricane damage can devastate both homes and businesses. Unfortunately, regular windows and locked doors are no match for the power that a storm can bring. Miami impact windows for residential and commercial properties are designed with thick, durable, and reinforced glass to withstand the force of a storm. At MH Home Solutions, we have searched far and wide to bring our clients the best hurricane impact windows Miami has to offer. We have created an incredible stormproof range that is durable, neat, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing based on our tried and tested methods. It is pertinent that you call us for a reliable quotation to protect your property. We are the experts in storm-proofing homes and businesses. Please speak to us for comprehensive and custom solutions. 

combination window

Combine your impact windows and doors to create a seamless effect while maximizing your outdoor views. We specialize in combination window and door designs to ensure your property not only looks modern but is also airtight and energy-efficient. Our impact windows Miami are simply the best there is.

Combination Window

custom WINDOW walls

When you need a beautifully designed window wall to suit your property and design dimensions, we are the ones to call. MH Home Solutions is the finest service provider of fully custom window installation Miami. Please consult with us to breathe new life into your residence or commercial property.

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With our exclusive impact windows in Miami, customers can take advantage of the guaranteed workmanship that our specialists are known for. Among our popular window installs is single-hung windows. Designed with a fixed top sash and an operable lower sash, it allows you to improve indoor ventilation while maintaining the integrity and the appeal of your property’s finish. Our single-hung windows are also easy to close, so you can rest assured that your property is optimally protected with our sleek and modern window range. If you are interested in customized single-hung windows, you can give us a call to learn more.


Among our selection of impact windows, Miami customers can choose our horizontal rolling windows. The horizontal rolling window has sashes that are located side by side. It operates with the install of tracks in the top and the bottom of the framework. The window can then be operated in a horizontal fashion. With our high-quality window installation Miami properties can take advantage of a beautifully designed range while providing a practical solution for indoor ventilation. In combination with our custom design and reinforced glass, you can protect your home while benefiting from our superior horizontal rolling style windows.



Our fixed picture windows are the ideal solution for homes and businesses where the emphasis is on maximizing security without compromising natural light and exterior views. It is also the perfect option for properties requiring gorgeous windows that are energy efficient and airtight. Picture windows do not open. It is installed to create a well-insulated interior that will help reduce energy bills without obscuring your view. You can combine a fixed picture window with our exclusive range of impact doors to enhance your property’s energy efficiency and functionality. For expert picture window installation Miami homeowners and business owners are encouraged to contact us for the best options.


If you are looking for improved ventilation while enhancing your windows’ strength, then our casement windows are the answer. With our range of hurricane impact windows Miami customers are assisted in choosing the right product for your property. Casement windows are a popular install because it is easy to open to the outside using left or right function. Keep your interiors well-ventilated with our exclusive range of casement windows. You can have a casement window installed in the kitchen or living area, providing modern appeal and flexible ventilation options.

With the install of our Miami impact windows, communities will not only benefit from the incredible durability it offers but also its immense esthetics and value. We are committed to window designs and installs that stand the test of time while providing the most competitive process in the market. 

Impact Doors in Miami Homes

Why chose MH Home Solutions for installing Miami impact windows?

Instead of saying that we are the best in the business, we will let our past clients speak on our behalf. We are more than happy to share the references of our previous clients in Miami, closer to your home or office. Our customers are ever ready to share their honest feedback about our skills, competency, and project execution details.
  • We are one of the most trusted names for the installation of Miami impact windows.
  • Ensure compliance with local regulations, and follow best practices.
  • Take ample care of the safety and security of our workers undertaking the installation job.
  • Transparent dealing with competitive pricing for installation of Miami impact windows.
You need skilled technicians to do the job because storms and hurricanes can get very ugly, impacting your finances, safety, and security. With MH Home Solutions, you can rest assured – you are in the safest hands. Contact us today to speak to our team.