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Did you know that hurricane windows can actually save you money? The investment you make today will provide tremendous rewards for tomorrow. In Miami Dade, hurricane rated windows will not only safeguard your property’s interior against a storm but also plays an integral part in upholding the building’s external structural integrity. It can prevent costly repairs and efforts in restoration when hurricanes strike. Impact windows have remained an important install for homes and businesses across Florida. Because of the potential for tropical storms and hurricane winds, installing durable and reinforced windows is best for the value and the protection of your property.

Range of Impact Windows Miami Dade Can Depend On

combination window

A combination impact window is constructed with a double glass pane bonded to secure the glass and the frame. It is the combined density of the glass and the heavy-duty framework that makes these windows effective against hurricane and storm damage. Our combination windows allow you to choose preferred designs and combine these to create unique and attractive finishes.

Combination Window

custom WINDOW walls

To encase your impact windows  and protect them from storms, you need custom window walls. The window wall is constructed by applying a glaze between the glass itself and the surrounding slabs or concrete. It works by reinforcing the new installation specifically against storms.

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an Unmatched Range of Professionally Crafted Impact Windows



Single-hung windows are designed with one part of the window opening to the outside. It can include a bottom sash that is fixed or able to lift for added airflow. With our single hung impact windows, homes and businesses can take advantage of the seamless operation and the airflow it creates. While single-hung styles are considered more traditional, they can provide the simple design you need to increase ventilation while maintaining a beautiful finish. Our single-hung designs can complement the remaining impact windows and doors Miami Dade professionals have installed.


When looking for the best impact windows and doors in Miami Dade, you need a company that you can trust. Fortunately, the team at MH Home Solutions is on your side. We take pride in the highest quality horizontal rolling windows that are simple to operate and have become a popular installation choice. The horizontal window has two sashes joined together and allows the entire window to move left or right to help with light and airflow. With our professional installation of popular styles of hurricane windows in Miami Dade FL, such as our horizontal rolling windows, you can protect against the devastation of hurricanes.



If you are concerned about the damages that hurricanes and storms can cause, then our fixed picture windows are just what you need. Designed with an attractive finish, these windows will not shift but will allow natural light in. If you are looking for professional hurricane windows Miami Dade can provide, you can speak to our technical team. With will assess your needs and advise on the suitability of fixed picture windows. You can install a fixed window to maintain overall safety but also to regulate the amount of light entering a space. When you are looking for the best in impact windows and doors, feel free to contact us. We will help you with fully custom design, reinforced frames, and the toughest glass!


The casement window, with our hurricane-proof engineering, consists of hinged ashes on either side of the feature pane. It usually involves operation with a tool or a crank but helps improve overall protection and adds immense value. We install casement windows for both home and business owners that are interested in Miami Dade hurricane rated windows that are tough, weather-resistant, and offer contemporary designs. The casement window is a popular choice for both homes and businesses, but to maximize its value, it should only be installed by knowledgeable and skilled providers of impact windows.


Why Choose Our Range of Quality Impact Windows

With our hurricane windows, Miami Dade communities can rest easy at night that they have received the toughest and the strongest glass panes in the country. You would think that a regular window is no match for the power of a hurricane. Still, with our Miami Dade hurricane windows, we guarantee the safety and security of our toughest installations. When you live in Florida, Miami Dade, you need the installation of storm-resistant windows. With the services of MH Home Solution, you can choose impact windows and doors to secure what is essential for your home or business.

Hurricane windows differ in its engineering and its installation from regular windows. The glass itself is much thicker than a standard window, while the installation depends on combination or custom window walls. An impact window is thicker, stronger, and more energy-efficient than a regular window.

No, when you install hurricane windows Miami Dade homes and businesses can benefit from increased insulation and energy efficiency. These properties are also made more secure with thicker panels making it difficult for an intruder to break to access the house.

Yes, the double paneling and the unique installation process will create incredible interior insulation. This means that outdoor drafts will not enter the home or business where they can drop or increase indoor temperatures. The insulating properties of impact windows in Miami Dade FL contribute to its overall energy efficiency.

Yes, insurance companies prefer homes and commercial properties that have been professionally fitted with hurricane-proof windows. The incredible power of these windows to resist the force and the pressure of strong winds is considered an additional safety feature for your property. Insurance providers tend to offer lower premiums where impact windows and doors are installed.

The only way to know for sure that you are purchasing impact-resistant windows is to contact a specialist impact-resistant company. At MH Home Solutions, we are here to assist with beautiful design and reinforcement that will protect against the destruction that Florida storms can cause.

Yes, because the glass is reinforced and consists of double or even triple panes, it will go a long way to creating a soundproof interior. With a combination of impact windows and doors, Miami Dade communities can benefit from a quieter interior.

More Reasons to Choose MH Home Solutions for Impact Windows and doors

When you are looking for strong and impressive hurricane windows, Miami Dade home and business owners are encouraged to contact us. We are here to help you protect your residential or commercial property with reinforced windows and panes should a storm strike. In Florida, tropical storms and hurricanes have caused tremendous damage in the past. By installing impact-resistant windows, it can protect you and your family against the shock and devastation of broken windows during an intense storm. We know how destructive hurricanes are and because we have been installing impact-proof windows for more than a decade, we are the ones to call for all installation requirements. Our services include installing secure, modern windows that are resistant to hurricanes, home invasions and provide the added benefit of energy efficiency! Call today for your free estimate.

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