Neolux zebra shades are a modern alternative to standard window shades and blinds. They are also referred to as transitional shades and offer a window covering option that garnered a rapidly growing reputation worldwide. Not only do they augment the guise of your windows, but they also serve as aesthetic additions to your interior spaces.

These shades get their name from the alternate solid and sheer stripes across its body, resembling a zebra’s skin. This pattern allows Neolux zebra shades to provide a dual-shade format that enables extraordinary light management. Instead of presenting a total blockade to the natural light entering the room, these shades only allow a minimal amount of light to seep through their sheer spaces.

Features Of Neolux Zebra Shades

The solid lines on the zebra shades obstruct the passage of a significant amount of natural rays entering your house. This way, you are not bombarded with an explosion of light in the morning, and the harmful effects of UV rays are also kept at bay. However, they only partially block the incoming light. The shade’s sheer parts make pathways for light fragments that provide a cozy atmosphere and elegance to your abode. Moreover, the sheer parts of the shades can be mechanized with advanced technological automation to balance the light they allow in your spaces.

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We love our zebra shades! The team was super professional and they answered all of my questions. We needed five rooms done and they did a flawless job in all the rooms. If you're looking for neolux zebra shades, you definitely want to go with them!

Benefits Of Neolux Zebra Shades

Neolux Zebra shades are the perfect choice if you are looking forward to revamping your living spaces. The greatest part about them is that you can choose the style and design that matches your interior theme from their extensive options. Thus, when you are running low on a budget and cannot change each aspect of your house for a renewed look, adding Neolux Zebra Shades on your windows can get the job done effectively. From enhancing the overall scene to the vibe of your dwellings, these shades are your one-stop solution for modernized quarters.

Improved Privacy

Neolux Zebra Shades provide improved privacy. The solid stripes provide fencing to your windows so that passersby or neighbors cannot peep into your dwellings.

Added Protection

The solid stripes block the brunt of the harmful UV rays entering through your windows, and the sheer ones only permit small chunks of light into your house.

All You Need To Know About Neolux Zebra Shades

Summers in Florida are either about the scorching sunlight or the frequent spells of rain showers. All in all, that means more time spent indoors, either escaping the sun-drenched day or getting swayed by the downpour. Neolux Zebra shades can guarantee a mellow atmosphere in your house regardless of the weather outside. These shades scatter the incoming lump of light, so your interior spaces are not bombarded with lump sums of heat. Besides that, they keep the UV rays at bay, so your furniture stays protected during scorching hot days.

Our Neolux Zebra Shades typically last between 7 to 8 years. With regular maintenance, you can even increase this duration by a notch. They are a pocket-friendly option to enhance the beauty of your interior spaces. Apart from amplifying the charm of your house or office, they offer a plethora of other benefits as well.

Neoflux Zebra shades block the view of people trying to get a glance into your home as successfully during the night as they do during the day. Contrary to standard shades, zebra shades are equipped with solid stripes that do not differentiate between night and day. Their functionality remains intact regardless of the time of the day.

Neolux Zebra Shades can be customized according to your taste or the theme of any room in your house. You can choose the color combination with us, and we will ensure that you get exactly what you asked for. Apart from houses, these shades can be a superb option to beautify your office interiors.

The unmatched durability of Neolux Zebra Shades enables them to last a long time and adorn your house with their presence. The fabric these shades are made of offers convenient flexibility that enables them to be rolled up or moved around easily. This makes them more versatile than other shades in the market.