Pool Contractor & Fence & Pergola Installation in Miami, FL

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space With Pergolas, Pools And Fences

If you want to enhance the look of your outdoors by creating a space where your family can both relax and entertain, we are here to offer the best solutions for your home in Miami. Whether you are considering pergolas, pools, or fence installation, our team works on each project with the aim of blending aesthetics with functionality. 

From creating something classic to creating a cozy vibe in your backyard, our goal is to create a space in your home where you can unwind and create the best memories. With our tailored services, you can rest assured that your vision will come to reality in no time.

Building Resilient Pergolas

In all honesty, who wouldn’t want to make the best use of their space with an outdoor garden feature as a stunning focal point? However, finding a pergola design that blends in with the existing landscape of your home is often a challenge for most homeowners. You will also find yourself contemplating design, structural integrity, or material selection. 

This is where our expert team can simplify things for you. Besides, we understand that it’s not just the visual appeal that comes into play, especially with outdoor structures. Considering that, our goal is to build pergolas that can withstand time and weather. Rest assured, at MH Home Solutions, you can always count on us to pay attention to your vision, preference, and practicality.

Creating Your Dream Pool

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is one way to make your outdoor space stand out. If you are planning to invest in a swimming pool for your home in Miami, our professionals can assist you from so much as visualizing the concept to actually building it. Collaborating with us not only gives you the freedom to have a custom design for your swimming pool but also install additional features like waterfalls, fountains, deck jets, lighting, and so much more! All you have to do is communicate the basic vision you have in mind, and our team will break down the complexity, durability, and cost overruns of the project for you!


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Sarah & Thomas W.

We hired MH Home Solutions to get a pergola and fence installed at our home, and we are thrilled with the outcome. The beautiful fences have made our backyard super secure for kids to play. We love the pergola too and it has become our perfect retreat after a busy day. Was definitely a delight to work with their smooth and stress-free service!

Stunning Fencing Solutions

If you are considering fencing your home to bring the element of security, privacy, and curb appeal to your outdoor space, at MH Home Solutions, we cater to that as well. 

From classic wooden picket fences to modern vinyl or metal designs, we help you select such a build and design that goes the best with the look of your property. Our skilled team excels beyond aesthetics to ensure that the fences are durable and require minimal maintenance. Needless to say, we prioritize personalization and you can always pick heights, styles, and finishes that match your individual taste! 

Enhanced Security

With our sturdy fences, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home remains safeguarded at all times.

Curb Appeal

Blending with the architecture and landscape, our fences are an investment that brings character and value to your property.

Hire The Best Service In Miami For An Outdoor Upgrade

Take a step further to enhance the look of your home by building outdoor features that bring life to your space. From the comfy pergolas to relaxing swimming pools and functional fences, our team at MH Home Solutions stands out as your trusted partner to bring your visions close to reality. We are well-reputed for bringing quality, craftsmanship, and dedication to every project we work on. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

If you are planning to get a pergola built in your backyard, make sure that you are prioritizing materials that are durable and weather-resistant. Our experts believe wood is an excellent choice for this. As for our top recommendations, cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated lumber make the best cut! 

Yes, absolutely. In fact, the last thing we would want is for your new pergola to look out of place in regard to your outdoor space. Our team will discuss your personal vision and preferences beforehand before giving out the best ideas to ensure that the pergola design complements the exciting landscape. 

Building a new swimming pool is a daily process. Keep in mind that the entire process can take several weeks to even a few months to complete. This completely depends on the complexity of your project, for instance, the additional features(waterfalls, jets, etc.) that you plan to install. 

Yes. If you want to install a fence in Miami, you do need to have a permit. This applies to residential properties as well, and is true for all sorts of wood, concrete, and chain-linked fences.  If you don’t have a permit already, you can let our team know regarding this and we will help you obtain one. 

A swimming pool means you need to invest both your time and money for maintenance.This includes monitoring water chemistry and pH levels, cleaning debris, tuning the filtration system and maintaining proper water circulation. Also, if needed, inspect and service pool equipment as well.