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Roller shades are a type of window drapery that involve a flat fabric that can be rolled up manually or automatically if you have automated roller shades. Regardless of your window type, roller shades are a perfect match for every window type out there. At times when you do not want any natural light to enter your rooms, you can let the roller shades down. In contrast, when you feel like soaking up some sunlight or enjoying the view outside, rolling up the roller shades can get the job done for you. Thus, you get the best of both worlds with roller shades!

Cosy lounge room in shades of beige
Cosy lounge room in shades of beige
Cosy lounge room in shades of beige
Cosy lounge room in shades of beige

What Should I Look For When Choosing Roller Shades?

Choosing the right type of fabric comes first before any other decision. Sheer roller shades enable ample light to flow into your rooms, while light-filtering fabrics reduce the light flow and offer more privacy. Lastly, blackout roller shades block the light, allowing only the tiniest fragments to enter your room. The color of the roller shades is also essential. Carefully analyze your surroundings before purchasing roller shades to know which color would blend with your interiors. The texture of roller shades plays a significant role. It can influence their capabilities and determine the efforts you would have to invest in cleaning them.

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Cosy lounge room in shades of beige
Marie R.

The team was an absolute joy to work with. I had a lot of questions regarding which window treatments to go with and I finally decided on roller shades. I'm happy that I went with them and the house looks a lot more modern. Thank you for the amazing job!

Benefits Of Roller Shades

Roller shades are the genie that keeps on giving. They can easily be customized to fit the windows in your room perfectly. Apart from that, there is a wide array of roller blades that you can choose from. You can pick any color or texture to ensure it matches the interior decor of your house or office spaces. Compared to other window draperies, roller shades are more economical and guarantee privacy from outsiders looking into your living spaces. They also offer ease of operations and can be rolled up or down either entirely or to the height of your preference. Some additional benefits include the following:

Can Be Automated

Roller shades can be motorized, which offers convenience in their functionality. Thus, you do not have to leave your cozy bed whenever you want to roll the shades.

Easy Maintenance

In contrast to other draping options, roller shades only require cleaning once or twice a year. Moreover, they are a more practical draping option that does not make rooms look overcrowded.

All You Need To Know About Installing Roller Shades

Unlike other window draping options like curtains or shades, roller shades are not made of excess fabric. This makes them easy to control and a light addition to your rooms. The main reason for their popularity is that they make valuable additions to any interior setting. Thus, whether you are surrounded by contemporary or vintage interiors, roller blades will agreeably blend in any space. Based on your preference, roller shades can be installed inside the window panes or mounted outside on the walls as well. They can be controlled with a chain hanging at one side of the fabric or through your phones if you have automated roller shades.

Roller shades can help you save tons of money on your electricity costs. The fabric of these shades traps warm air coming from outside and hence enables insulation. This can help you maintain the warmth in your homes during the chilly seasons. Similarly, they reduce the impact of sunlight and maintain the coolness generated by your AC.

Light gaps make it impossible for roller shades to block out all the light entering your room, even if you use blackout roller shades. Thus, mount your roller shades inside the window frame, so they are almost pressing against the window. This way, there would be no room for light gaps anymore.

Light-filtering roller shades allow you to control the amount of light entering your space. They can either be made of sheer or opaque fabric, depending on the amount of light you want to allow in your interiors. Light-filtering roller shades are ideal options for when you want to reduce the impact of glaring sunlight.

Living rooms are ideal spaces for roller shades because of how inexpensive they are and their ability to blend in with any interior decor. Apart from that, bathrooms make an ideal match for them as well. Not only do they guarantee the necessary privacy you need in bathrooms they are also convenient to handle with wet hands.