Say goodbye to manual window blinds and the tedious efforts you used to undergo to draw those drapes! The advent of smart motorized blinds enables you to control them with the tip of your fingers. With just a tap on your phone or the operation button of their remote, you can manage the functionality of smart blinds. This means you no longer have to go to each room to open the drapes in the morning and ensure they are drawn back again at the end of the day. All the smart blinds in your house can be integrated into your phone, so you can control every room’s blinds without physically being in that room.

Cosy lounge room in shades of beige
Cosy lounge room in shades of beige
Cosy lounge room in shades of beige
Cosy lounge room in shades of beige

Types Of Smart Blinds

Neolux Zebra Shades offer a modern twist to standard window shades. Their fabric includes solid and sheer alternate stripes that allow improved light management. The solid stripes block the glaring sunlight from entering your rooms, while the sheer stripes allow minimal light to prevent a total blackout.

Neolux Zebra Shades are contemporary additions that can help modernize your living spaces. Moreover, the solid and sheer stripes mesh prevents outsiders from glancing into your house while allowing enough light to create a cozy atmosphere. Additionally, they ward off the sun’s UV rays, which can have detrimental effects on your house’s interior and the residents living in it.

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Cosy lounge room in shades of beige
Angela K.

It's been an amazing experience working with MH Home Solutions. They are so knowledgeable and the installation was very quick. We love our new smart shades.

Motorized Shades

With your phone by your side, you can perform this function at your fingertips. A cordless system ensures safety for children and pets around the house preventing strangulation hazards due to entanglement. You can also save more on your electricity bills due to the insulation these shades provide, so you don’t have to run your AC for long hours to maintain inside temperatures. Other benefits include:

UV Protection

The UV rays of the sun can decay your valuable furniture and house decor. With motorized shades, you can put a stop to that and preserve your valuables.

Home Security

Program your motorized shades to open and close at specific times of the day to leave the impression that the home is occupied when you’re out on vacation.

Smart Curtains

Regardless of the popularity of contemporary shades and draperies for your windows, no option can provide the homely vibe that curtains bring to your home. Smart curtains can enable you to enjoy both benefits and numerous other advantages. They can be customized according to your style so they match the theme of your interiors, while you can control their functions with a simple “Hey Alexa” command on your phone. Get smart curtains installed in your house today and step into a new age of technological advancement.

Smart blinds can be powered by batteries that could either be standard ones or rechargeable batteries. Lastly, your smart blinds can also be solar-powered. This works by installing a tiny solar panel on them, which charges the blinds.

Motorized shades can be installed within or outside the recess of your windows. Installing them within the recess means they will be stuck against your windows which enables a total blockade of light. On the contrary, placing them outside the recess allows them to flow naturally and enhance the elegance of your rooms.

When Neoflux Zebra Shades are allowed to drape over your windows, they can block 99% of the sun’s UV rays from entering your interior spaces. This can protect your furniture and flooring from perishing. The other 1% is allowed by the sheer stripes of these shades for warm light to illuminate your rooms.

As a result of technological upgrades, it is possible to automate your existing curtains and turn them from standard to smart drapes. However, a more durable and reliable option would be to install new smart curtains. Contact us today and share your texture, fabric, and color preference with us and get customized smart curtains for your house.