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For the best impact windows in Miami and surrounding areas, communities can depend on the expertise of MH Home Solutions. We specialize in impact proofing for doors and windows against powerful hurricane winds that can reach up to 155 mph. We know what it takes to provide our clients with outstanding services and the highest quality products, which has earned us the title of Miami’s impact windows and doors specialist. Our services include exceptionally crafted hurricane impact doors and windows to safeguard against storm damage and provide energy efficiency, outstanding insulation, and even sound-proofing. We offer the ultimate protection against the forces of nature for residential properties.

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MH Home Solutions is a family-owned business, designing, manufacturing, and installing the toughest windows and hurricane impact doors in Miami for the last 10 years. Our virtually shatter-proof fixtures are top of the line, and at the most valuable prices, they should be a part of protecting every home in South Florida. If you live in hurricane and storm-prone regions, we can provide fixtures that not only ensure your safety but also stand the test of time. We know how much damage a storm can cause. We also know the costs in restoration should a hurricane and storm devastation occur. As the best in impact windows and doors, Miami customers can rest assured, we are here to protect you and your property.

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What Our Impact Doors and Windows Can Do for You

When the immense winds of a hurricane strike your home, regular doors and windows are no match for its power. Hurricanes and storms can break windows, destroy doors, and wreak havoc with the interior. With our Miami impact windows and doors installation, properties can receive the benefits that only our range of products can provide.

When you choose MH Home Solutions, you receive single-hung, sliding, or roller windows that are thick enough and strong enough to protect against storm damage. With our impact door and window installation, Miami homes can improve energy efficiency, reduce the electric bill, protect against intruders, reduce outside noise, and increase the home’s value. We also guarantee our manufacture and installation to rest assured you are receiving the finest quality and incredibly durable fixtures. We are also the suppliers of exceptional quality glass in Miami, a testament to the care and the craftsmanship we put into our products. For the best impact windows and doors Miami call today!

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Tough, strong, and esthetically superior; our custom windows are the best impact windows in Miami. Protect your home or office, improve its comfort, and ensuring its interior and exterior beauty.

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Solid doors with design elegance developed to enhance the integrity of your home. Our hurricane impact doors in Miami are available in different styles and sizes, ensuring you find the perfect fit.

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Looking for an expertly crafted impact door that is fully customized? MH Home Solutions provides custom doors for homes & commercial properties that include superior design and unmatched quality.
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At MH Home Solutions, we consider our loyal clients a part of our extended family. Every customer receives the standard of care, attentiveness, and quality that we are known for. Over the last decade, we have provided our clients’ tailored products and services, ensuring that every home’s protection is maximized against devastating storms, including hurricanes. With wind speeds that reach up to 155 mph, it is important to invest in the safety of our impact doors and windows.

MH Home Solutions has remained the leader in storm-proofing and enhancing the condition of your property. Simply contact us and speak to one of our courteous professionals. Whether you require a standard or a fully customized installation, we are here to help you with a lasting and beautifully finished range you can trust. From our doors to the best impact windows, Miami clients can consult with us for rewarding results.